Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recipe: Exquisite Egg Nog

I know! I know! How dare I serve a raw egg eggnog? Well, I do dare, dammit. Y'all can spend your time and money making those cooked custard type eggnogs, but I'll take this every time. We don't add the bourbon or brandy. It's just not in us to spike the eggnog. For added safety, you can use pasteurized eggs if you're feeling nervous.

Our tradition is to serve the eggnog in the evening with the Snowballs (Yes, I'll post that recipe too.) and toast the beginning of the winter holidays. Why the Snowballs? Come back tomorrow and find out.

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Anonymous said...

You can buy eggs that have been pastuerized in the shell. No need to worry about using raw or undercooked eggs ever again!

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