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JERR Reviewed Spaceport: Time Bomb

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Title: Spaceport: Time Bomb

Author: Lena Austin

Publisher: Changeling Press

Reviewer: Tallyn Porter

Rating: 4 Stars

Heat level: H

Captain Pepper Corstorphine of the spaceship Tor is a salvager and a pirate. Traveling alongside her is her cyborg friend and ally Kade Starke. They need a lucrative find to set them for a lifetime, but when they finally hit the jackpot with a 21st Century Earth ship called the Louvre, their dreams of the future are put on hold. Other salvagers and pirates want not only the valuables within the Louvre for themselves but the most priceless item in cryo-stasis named Dr. Logan MacDonald, whose eidetic memory is all that is left of Earth’s cultural treasures which has been long since destroyed.

Time Bomb is an exciting, emotional and romantic futuristic tale about hope within two people and the society they live in. Pepper is scared physically and emotionally, which has made her weary of men. While Logan maybe from another era, he’s a true gentleman whose kind soul helps Pepper to deal with her past experiences. The atmosphere is dark and wonderfully realistic. I love the meticulous details Ms. Austin has incorporated within the story. I believe that the reader doesn’t have to be a science fiction fanatic to understand the gadgets of this time period. I found the chemistry between Pepper and Logan quite passionate, which includes a very memorable “waking up from stasis” interlude, m/f/m, and oral stimulation. I find Pepper, Logan and Kade such likeable characters. Pepper and Kade may have been brought up in a savage and free for all up bringing, but in meeting Logan, the glimmer of humanity within Pepper and Kade surfaces. I quite enjoyed the various secondary characters that are either friends or foes yet help Pepper and Logan with their adventure. Ms. Austin has created a wonderful and enjoyable tale that I couldn’t put down. I look forward to reading future stories. Thanks!

Tallyn Porter

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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