Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Support the Troops

Support our Troops!
Things to Do for Military Men

Do you quilt, sew, knit, or crochet? Do you have an honest wish to give back to
the military?

Here are some ideas for you.

1. Quilts of Valor—This volunteer group matches those who make quilt tops with
machine quilters and deliver over 15,000 quilts annually. By making a quilt top
or being willing to longarm a quilt, you help make quilts to comfort our wounded
and the families who have lost their loved one to the war on terror. Visit
http://www.qovf.organd/ join up.

1. If you have any Christmas fabric, even scraps that you wish to be rid of,
you can send it to me. I'll either make stockings or take the fabric to the
coordinator locally here in Florida. We'll sew them up to make stockings. We
send them to www.operationcarepackages.orgin Joliet, Ill. Debbie sends them out
to the individual soldiers. (Make sure to use the "s" in the word "packages.")
You may also sign up a loved one at the website and enroll them into the program
to get a care packages.
These next few I will provide you with an address for mailing, once I have
confirmed the coordinator is willing to receive packages from unknown persons.

1. Sand Scarf—They must be 100% cotton in beige, tan or gray. We don't want the
soldiers to be targets.) Cut the fabric 60" long by 14" wide. Turn under the
edges and sew down all around the fabric. If you have 100% cotton tee-shirt
fabric, that too is acceptable.
2. Cool ties—These have the same restrictions as the sand scarves as far as
color and 100% cotton. Cut 4" strips about 45" wide (WOF for quilters) and sew
up the long side. Turn to make a tube. The coordinator fills these with special
water-absorbent crystals that cool the soldiers and sailors.
3. Helmet Liners—These don't have to be a certain color, and they may be sewn,
quilted, knitted or crocheted as long as they are 100% cotton. These are the
directions for sewing. Cut two 7" circles. Sew, right sides together, leaving a
place to turn the liners inside out. These too are filled with the water
absorbent crystals, and not only cool the soldiers, but also cushion their heads
from the uncomfortable helmets. The soldiers really appreciate these, and
they're so simple to sew.

If you wish to participate, please email me privately: voiceomt2002 AT gmail.com
for more information.

Lena Austin

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