Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Guest Author-- Dominique Eastwick

Thank you Lena for having me now I have a confession to make….

So I think I might be just the biggest slacker there is of all time. I worked in the theatre for 15 years as a costume designer and would you believe I have never, not in 12 years, made a costume for my children. There you have it a slacker and a bad mom to boot. So today I thought I would share some of my Theatre know how with you for stage blood to make that costume a little more authentic. Or just to creep out the neighborhood kids.

Dominique’s Stage Blood

You will need ( there are no real measurements, because items vary start small and keep adding J )

Peanut Butter (for Peanut allergies use Red jello mix)

Chocolate Syrup (yeppers you will be smelling Reese’s peanut butter cups all night)

Lite Caro or corn Syrup

Red Food Coloring

Blue Food Coloring

****If you aren’t going to eat it but have it in a blood pack to be used on your clothes add laundry detergent to the mixture.

Mix Peanut Butter and Chocolate syrup together, slowly add the Corn Syrup mixing thoroughly.

Once the mixture is at the consistency you want start to add 2 drops of red to every drop of blue food coloring until you get it just like you want it.

Can be refrigerated for a week.

There it is my lovely mixture for stage blog. If you want to can get pill capsules at Halloween shops so you can bite down and blood will seep.. Gross and tasty all in one.

"Hunting JC is a contemporary romance filled with suspense, great sex, heartache, healing, and best of all love...The drama that unfolds will keep you reading this story until the very end." Just Erotic Romance Reviews 5 stars

"There are moments that are touching beyond belief, lines you'll read over and over because they are that darn sweet, and humor to keep it all running until JC and Hunter finally make up their darn minds! " Got Erotic Romance Reviews 4 Diamonds

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 50% of all proceeds from the sale of Hunting JC in the month of October will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Just a taste of Dominique Eastwick's

Hunting JC


As Hunter cleared the doorframe, he was attacked, not by a mugger or drunken man, but he was attacked by her, J.C. Her hand twined through his hair and brought his mouth down to hers. Her lips moved under his, begging him to open to her, begging him to give her a try. She took his hand and placed them on her full breast. Her nipples immediately pearled in his hand. His mind screamed to stop this now, but his body didn’t seem to be listening. From the moment her soft, full lips touched his, he was putty in her hand. He knew his only hope of survival was that she had not yet become aware of it.

"J.C..." he moaned into her mouth as he said unconvincingly, "We can’t do this."

"Shh," she hushed, pressing her breasts further into his hands. "Just feel me, let me feel you."

"Jacinda, will you listen to me?"

"Not if your words have anything to do with, this isn’t right. Or Jacinda, this can’t happen between us."

"Exactly, that is..."

"Shh," Jacinda pressed her fingers against his lips. He felt the electrical vibrations that were humming through her fingertips. "Please let me do this for you. I want to taste you."

Five words were his undoing. I want to taste you




Sloane Taylor said...

Hi Lena and Dominique!

Thanks for the blood recipe. I can have some fun with it and the tiny trick or treaters.:)

Congratulations of the superb review! Hunting JC sounds like my kind of read.

steph beck said...

It sounds like it works great and tastes good...just don't know if I could eat it...>shiver< Will add to the recipe list though for future Halloween parties! Thanks!

Maeve said...

Loved the excerpt and thanks for the recipe for stage blood! My granddaughter wants to be a vampire this Halloween. Perfect timing!

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