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Halloween Guest Author-- Kate Hill: Bloody or Nothing-- Bottoms Up

Halloween Scrapbook

If you have a collection of magazines and catalogues that you no longer want hanging around the house yet can’t bring yourself to throw away, why not use them to make a Halloween themed scrapbook? I did this a couple of years back and ended up with a book I enjoy bringing out and placing on the coffee table every October.

I took magazine photos of normal places, like garden scenes or houses (gardening and house decorating magazines are great for this) and cut out pictures of unusual things, like gargoyles, mermaids, grim reapers, and fairies (gothic, horror and new age type magazines have lots of these) and glued them onto the everyday scenes to make images with a paranormal feel. Also in the scrapbook I included favorite Halloween recipes, autumn craft ideas, short stories and poetry.

Since I tend to be a packrat when it comes to magazines, especially when they focus on horror, gothic and new age, this was a good way for me to keep my favorites while cutting down on the boxes collecting dust in the basement. If you’re like me, it might work well for you too.

Bloody or Nothing: Bottoms Up
By Kate Hill
(M/M/F Menage, Vampire)
From Changeling Press

Three hearts, one soul and a deal with the devil.


Dana travels to Las Vegas to help a sister in trouble and discovers a vampire underground she never dreamed existed. For the first time in her life she unleashes her repressed passions with two very different men.

An ancient vampire of youthful beauty, Rory lives according to his rules. As a mortal, his love for another man had nearly cost him his life. Now he's a much-loved vampire master. When he saves Dana from an assault, they recognize each other as kindred souls and enter a relationship stronger than friendship and deeper than lust. Then another man arrives who drives them both to distraction.

Handsome and rugged, Jason has spent the past two centuries overcoming the degradation of his mortal life. Used and abused, bought and sold, he had no real identity until a vampire gave him a new life. Now while fighting against an evil reign, he is tempted by a fledgling vampiress and a man he has desired for two centuries. By denying his bisexual nature, he might destroy the greatest love of his life.


"Maybe a duel is a good idea after all," Rory said. Sword in hand, he returned to the roped off ring where he and Dana had been practicing.

Jason picked up his weapon and joined him while Dana stood outside the ring, her gaze fixed on the men.

She couldn't help feeling a bit concerned. Emotions ran high between these two. Her sole purpose hadn't been to observe a duel, but to offer them a way to work out their problems.

Within moments, she realized that maybe she should have chosen a safer meeting ground. After the first few tentative blows, they unleashed nearly two centuries of passion at the ends of their swords.

Though Jason was the bigger and stronger of the two, he wasn't quite as skilled as Rory. Almost, but not quite. They fought with steel blades, not the silver-plated ones they used when patrolling the streets.

She flinched when Rory's blade nicked Jason's cheek, then sliced his chest. The shallow wound bled freely, staining Jason's snug blue T-shirt.

Jason thrust his sword. Rory spun, blocked it and smacked Jason's tight ass with the flat of his blade. The blond gritted his teeth, his eyes blazing, but he kept his head and fought wisely.

The tip of his blade pricked Rory's sword arm. Scarcely missing a beat, Rory switched the sword to his other hand. He was equally skilled with both.

Dana worried that they might do each other serious damage until they locked blades, their bodies close and their faces mere inches from each other.

To the surprise of both his companions, Rory kissed Jason full on the mouth. Jason leapt back, his chest heaving.

Their blue gazes fixed on each other and Dana thought for certain Jason would storm off due to Rory's unwelcome advances. Instead, he attacked the smaller man with a series of blows so powerful that Dana marveled at Rory's ability to block them.

Then Rory disarmed Jason so quickly and with such skill that Dana missed the exact move that sent Jason's sword into the air. Rory caught it in his free hand. Jason dropped to the ground and spun, one leg lashing out in a sweep that would have knocked Rory off his feet if he hadn't jumped into the air, knees draw up toward his chest.

Rory landed, both swords poised for defense.

"Drop 'em," Jason said, his voice even huskier than usual.

Dana drew a deep breath and clenched her fists. She sensed something was about to happen, but couldn't tell if it would be good or bad.

After a moment's hesitation, Rory dropped the swords. Jason strode toward him, roughly grasped the back of Rory's neck and kissed him hard on the mouth.

Dana couldn't keep from smiling. So this was the man who'd said never again.

She climbed into the ring and approached. Rory and Jason's mouths were still fused, their eyes closed and their hands groping one another. The scent of their arousal filled the gym. Watching them turned her on so much that her clit ached and her nipples strained beneath the layers of protective fencing gear she wore.

Rory had insisted that as a new student she wear it. Later there would be enough time to fight unshielded.

Jason's hands slid down Rory's back to cup his tight ass. Moaning, Rory tightened his fingers on Jason's muscular shoulders.

Their kiss broke and they stared into each others eyes. Already their wounds had begun to heal and fade away.

"Now this is more like it," Dana said.

They turned to her and Jason shook his head.


He withdrew from Rory and took a step backward.

"Why not?" Dana asked. She placed a hand on Jason's hip and tilted her face toward his. "He's beautiful, isn't he?"

"You're one strange woman," he said, though not viciously. His fingertips lightly caressed her cheek, then her throat.

"Isn't he?" she whispered, casting a sidelong glance in Rory's direction.

"Yes," Jason replied, the word torn from his lips and his gaze locked with Rory's.

The auburn-haired man remained motionless, though his big blue eyes devoured Jason.

"I know you're the kind of guy who takes what you want," Dana continued. "What do you want?"

"At the moment it's hard to decide," he admitted, cupping the back of her head and brushing her lips with a kiss.

"I suggest the three of us go upstairs and work it out," she said. "Rory?"

In reply he picked up their swords and also took Dana's from her hand just before Jason swept her into his arms.

She grasped his neck and moistened her lips. His handsome brow furrowed and she kissed it tenderly, hoping to smooth away some of the unhappiness reflected there.

If only he'd allow her and Rory fully into his life, she knew they could replace his anger with affection. It sickened her when she thought of the kind of suffering he'd endured to still carry such rage and fear after two centuries. Gaining her own freedom made her realize how important it was to be loved for who you truly were. If they were consistent in their affection toward him, he might eventually open up to them.

They took the back stairs to Dana's room which was just one floor up. The handsome blond carried her while Rory led the way, every now and then glancing over his shoulder at them with a hungry look that pushed Dana's arousal to even higher heights.

In her room, Jason tossed her on the bed. Rory drew the curtains and lit vanilla scented candles on the vanity table. All three quickly discarded their clothes. While she pulled off hers, Dana glanced from Rory to Jason. Both were gorgeous, though in different ways. Rory's pretty face and Jason's handsome one reflected their lust. Both had lean, fit bodies, though Jason was almost a head taller than Rory.

Jason finished undressing first and stretched out beside Dana. Covering her mouth in a passionate kiss, he stroked her from breast to hip. He caressed her inner thighs and cupped her soft mound.

Her eyes closed, she wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her feet up and down his hard, hair-dusted legs. His powerful chest pressed against her breasts. The man felt so damn good.

Rory joined them on the bed, his warm, supple body close to her and Jason. When the blond broke their kiss, Rory tilted her face toward his and kissed her. His tongue met hers and his long hair tickled her face. He braced a hand against Jason's muscular shoulder and shoved him hard. Jason refused to move and Rory broke the kiss to glare at him.

The men growled at each other, but their rivalry couldn't disguise their desire for each other.

Dana kissed Jason again and he wrapped his arms around her, rolling onto his back and dragging her on top of him.

With a teasing grin, she slid from his embrace and returned to Rory. Placing a hand to her Creator's chest, she pushed gently and he let her guide him onto his back. Their gazes locked and they smiled. No matter what, Rory would always hold a piece of her heart. He had set her free. Before him, she had never really lived. She knew that deep inside Jason felt the same way about Rory. The beautiful vampire master could free him too, if he would only let it happen.

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