Monday, October 11, 2010

Guest Author -- Faith Talbot and Daze on End

Caption for the picture: From left to right, Randy Richmond, Jason Prescott, an unidentified fourth companion, and Erik Hale ready for their Halloween concert at Subterranean in Wicker Park. The fourth member of the group is rumored to be the “love interest” that spurred the group’s move to Chicago.

Fresh from their relocation from Indianapolis to Chicago, Daze on End is opening the new phase of their career with a Halloween night concert at Subterranean, opening for local band Colour Haze. We got a chance to sit down with the boys to chat a bit about what they expect from the next year or so as they make their mark on the Windy City.

Q: Rumor has it the move to Chicago had more to do with a love interest in the area than an actual step forward in your career. Would you guys like to address that?

Jason: No.
Erik: We’ve had some changes in our personal lives, yes. I think we’re all feeling good that everything has dovetailed into this move.
Randy: I’m still single. Can you print my phone number in this interview?

Q: How do you think the folks from Chicago will respond to your music now that you’re out here.

Jason: We hope well. We built a pretty good fan base in Indianapolis, and since it’s really not that far we hope some of those fans will come to see us at our new digs. We’re working with Colour Haze and a couple of other local bands to get things moving along. I think it’ll be a good move.

Q: Any new music on the horizon?

Erik: We’re working on some new tunes. Jason has been writing like crazy, and Randy and I are paring down his uncensored crazytalk into workable lyrics.
Jason: I’m the one who has to sing it, so why are you bitching?
Erik: Not bitching. You’re just a little…verbose.
Randy: That means he talks a lot.

Q: Well, you wouldn’t know it from a lot of your interviews.

Jason: I just don’t like to talk to reporters who ask questions about my love life.

Q: So how is your love life?

Jason: Dandy.
Erik: Awesome.
Randy: Still single.

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