Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The spotlight is on -- Dawn Roberto

Once in awhile, it's fun to turn the tables. Dawn Roberto from Love Romances and More, Love Romances Book Club, and Love Romances Cafe is known for her hard-hitting and often surprising interview questions to authors. Now I get to ask HER a bunch of questions!

Thanks for slowing down long enough to talk to me, Dawn!

1) What got you interested in reviewing? What drew you to Love Romances and More?

Dawn says: I love books and stumbled across a review on one of my favorite author's website Love Romances did and was intrigued. I sent them a sample review and voila! I was a reviewer for them. :) They helped me and eventually I did more for them like interviews and then running the LR Cafe. I enjoy being here since we are all like a family and we are also friends.

2) How long have you been reviewing?

Dawn says: Let me see.....I believe over 4 years but I could be wrong. *Thinks and looks back in records* Nope make it 5 years and counting. :)

3) What is your favorite genre to review? Least favorite? Why/why not?

Dawn Says: I love all of them except horror. I never really liked that genre but any combination of genres is great. Right now I am into Paranormal, Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance and M/M. I enjoy the aspects of two (or more) people coming together and finding their way to their heart's desire with someone else. :)

4) In your spare time, what do you like to do to relax?
Dawn Says: Relax? *laughs* I have two kids ages 7 and 9 so we have two dance classes to go to two days a week, then school functions plus I do a lot of follow up work for the Cafe, emailing authors on their chat dates, answering questions, doing reviews plus I spend time with my honey of almost three years as well.

To unwind, I watch movies, hike in the summer/spring, take a daily walk if the weather is good and I love to bake. *grins*

5) If we looked on your bookcase(s), what authors would we find? Any favorites? Who are they?
Dawn Says: Um...which bookcase...I have three. LOL I have one with lots of Luna Books from Harlequin like Robin D. Owens's Summoning series, Jeri Smith-Ready's Crow series, C. E. Murphy, and others. Another has my Sherrilyn Kenyon books, JD Robb, Maggie Shayne and a host of others. Third is the biggest one, Takes up a whole doorway- that has my Bertrice Small books, Harry Potter series, Cheyenne McCray, Judith Rochelle, Tilly Greene and a host of others as well. I add to the bookshelves daily thru three bookswapping places and honey always gets me a gift card for Christmas or a special occasion for myself to enjoy. I have so many that I am itching to read that I have a three subject notebook I am filling up weekly with new books to explore. :)

6) If you were lost on an island, what would you need with you to survive?

Dawn Says: Um I need honey since I am NOT a survivalist. Kinda like my creature comforts. Books, paper, matches and food. :)

7) Any other interesting things going on at Love Romances and More?

Dawn Says: We now have a blog. You can check it out at Plus we have contests and author interviews there as well. To be on our blog spotlight, you need to contact Danny at danny AT loveromancesandmore DOT com. Lil is in charge of the blog contests and any questions can be directed to her: lil AT

We are currently looking for more editors and reviewers. You can contact Gina on that: gina AT loveromancesandmore DOT com

We also offer low cost advertising for authors either on our website ( and on our blog. You can email Shaiha at shaiha AT loveromancesandmore DOT com or Gina on information for that.

We are also looking for articles for our blog as well.
We are not looking for drive by promos -- but solid comments on the subject at hand. If you are giving away an ereader you and/or your publisher can post a comment. If your publisher is having a sale for the season, they can also post a comment with their link and what the sale is.

LR Cafe is taking 2009 chat dates from May-December. I am booked solid for the first 4 months of 2009 already. Plus a special Event is scheduled on Feb. 28th at the LRC: our first ever editor chat with several publishers/editors. This is where you can get submisison information, what to do to get your submisison accepted and other good stuff. I hope you can join us at the cafe for that.

8) Where can we find Love Romances and More? blogs? Newsletter?

Dawn Says: Love Romances and m ore has a website (, Blog (, TWO book chat loops. LR Cafe is for the over 18 crowd and features e books and print authors daily.

I put out a monthly newsletter in the cafe plus weekly updates on chats or events for the week in the cafe.

Danny puts a weekly update on what is going on at the blog plus other good stuff as well.

Penny runs the other book club and this is for more mainstream work and not erotic work. You can find it at
If you want to schedule a chat day here, contact Penny at Penny AT loveromancesandmore DOT com.

Thank you Lena for letting me come by and chat with you. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me Lena. Great questions and I enjoyed myself here. :)

Senior Reviewer-LR&M

Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Dawn,
Enjoyed your interview. You are one busy lady. What time is dinner? I love lasagna.


Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Dawn and Lena,

great interview!


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