Monday, February 2, 2009

Penis Size-- An ADULT discussion

Here's what most of the media says about Penis Size:

Average Penis Size
The age-old question, "Am I well hung?" Well, before going on to see where you stand, or should we say hang, remember that size isn’t everything. Most women prefer a man with a less then average penis and great at cunnilingus, to a man with a larger penis and no skills. Furthermore, you should never worry about your size; it will only lead to anxieties and potentially a variety of sexual dysfunctions.

If you are racing forward to find out what the average penis size is to see if you are ok, stop. Read the first paragraph again. The purpose of this article is not so that men can come and see if they are “big enough”, it‘s purpose is to satisfy curiosity, and to reiterate to all the self conscious males out there that size is not everything.

One of the reasons that men are so self-conscious about this has to do with illusions. When men are in the locker room, they can’t help but glance around the room to see how they measure up. Unfortunately, there is a very different angle looking down than across the room, so men become paranoid that they are too small. Also, a man’s limp size has very little indication to his erect size. Furthermore, most men start getting paranoid about it before they have finished growing.

That being said (hopefully not ignored) penis size consists of two components, length and circumference. Although most studies in this area vary slightly in the findings, the average erect penis length is 5.5 to 6.5 inches, and the average circumference is 4.5 to 5 inches.

Penis Length

Your erection length is defined as the linear distance along the dorsal (top) side of the erect penis, from the mons veneris to the tip of the glans. In non-medical jargon, your penis is measured in a straight, or for some arced, line on the topside of the erect penis, from where your belly meets the shaft to the tip of your penis. Take multiple measurements over the course of a few days and then average the values. Since your erections can vary slightly depending on your level of arousal, mood, room temperature, and even the duration since your last sexual encounter, averaging out a few measurements will let you get a more accurate read.

Penis Circumference

Penis circumference is defined as the linear distance around the widest part of the erect penis. Whether you use a piece of string or a fabric ruler, you should wrap it around the widest part of your penis, one time. If using string, make sure it is not stretchy, and mark the string at the correct spot and then measure the portion with a ruler. As with penis length, this should be done over a few days and the result averaged out.

Does Size Matter?

The second most famous question; "Is it the size of the ship, or the motion of the ocean?"... Both are correct, so yes, size does matter. Anyone who tells you differently is not being completely truthful. The majority of a woman's nerve endings are in the first couple inches of her vagina, so exactly how much size matters is a controversial topic. Most women agree that an average size penis, along with an understanding of her genital regions will get the job done. In fact, they would prefer that to a large penis as it could come along with a lot of pain for the first few times together for them. For those dreaming for an 8+ inch penis, just remember that it doesn’t always come in as handy as you think. Having a large penis decreases your chances of your partner being willing to have anal intercourse, as well as deep-throating.

Lena's Comments:

In other words, big dicks are a pain --literally! They take special effort to take into your body at all locations. Anal sex can be deadly with a large cock, especially if your partner isn't inclined to be patient and you haven't used anal plugs to stretch up to his circumference. Darlings, don't think you can "take it." Trust me on this. You can't without pre-planning. Always, always, always use a condom and lube when something goes up your ass. I don't care if it's the plug or him, protect yourself. One tear, and you'll get an infection that could potentially kill you. Why risk it? Condoms are cheaper than a hospital visit.

Same goes for a good deep throat. Our gag reflexes are there to prevent us from choking, and there's nothing worse than killing the romance by upchucking that romantic dinner. If he's that big, take it slow and practice. He'll be happy to help you with this, as long as you let him finish inside you, preferrably your vagina. That's the one part of our bodies that can stretch with relative ease inless you're a Twinkie and he's Goliath.

So yes, size damn sure does matter, but not the way you think.


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