Monday, February 9, 2009

Sex Toy of the Month-- Esse Stage

Oh, my!! I want one of these! This is the Esse, the curved part.
The bottom, raising the Esse up to a comfy height, is the Esse Stage.
Honey, the Domme in me is losing her mind. See the part she's leaning over? That's a perfect whipping horse position, with the sub's comfort all there.
What's more, it comes in a deluxe fetish edition with cuff clips! I'm in heaven!
Now being that I'm cheap and handy with tools, I might do without the stage. After all, I'm quite capable of building a sturdy, supported box to raise the Esse up to the correct height for the tallest sub's comforts.
I'm also in love with the Zeppelin. (Drool)


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