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In the Spotlight-- Raine Delight

Thanks for popping in, Raine. You’re a busy gal, so I’ll get right to it.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?
Raine says: I always loved to read. I think I can honestly say since I learned to read, I was fascinated by the stories authors told. Eventually, I found myself dreaming of stories and scribbling them down, not thinking of doing anything with them. In the past few years, a friend gave me the push and I found I enjoy creating worlds and appealing characters of my own.

That’s a good friend!

How long did it take you to complete the first novel you attempted?
Raine says: My first book was AWFUL!! I believe it is still in the box in my mom’s basement where I stored some things. The next one was my first book published, Sticky Magic, Devon Falls book 1. That took me one week to write.

Amazing how the good books just flow right out, isn’t it?

Are you a procrastinator, or do you set time aside everyday to write?
Raine says: Well, I go by the seat of my pants and since I work out of my home, that take precedence some days, especially as I am deadline some days. I set aside M-F while kids are in school to write something, be it fleshing out characters or checking on some WIP’s that need some work. Weekends are off limits in writing. That is my family time plus it also my errand time as well.

I hear you there! Without down time, my brain would explode!

Do you have any helpful methods or rituals you would like to share?
Raine says: um…*thinks* Always write something. Doesn’t matter if it is junk… can always go back and see the potential to something after it sits a spell.
I always have hot green tea on hand when I write or some Hugs Hershey Kisses. Keeps the muses happy. LOL I have music on in the background for noise unless the music is inspiring me as I write. Some of the Devon Falls books has some Music I was listening to mentioned.

I’ll have to try a bag of the Hugs and the hot tea. I’m a coffeeholic myself.

How many publishers did you query before one of them snatched you up?
Raine says: I was under one then it folded after three of the Devon Falls books were published. Aspen Mountain snapped the whole series up and my other paranormal romance book, Fairy Kisses and Magical Dreams.

I am currently finishing some tweaking on four manuscripts and sending them out to other publishers for consideration. *fingers crossed*

Fingers and toes crossed for you!

What was the hardest part about getting published? What was the easiest?
Raine says: Hardest….keeping myself from head hopping all over the place. I am getting better…a bit slowly. That is hard for me to see when I write so I am hopeful with the few manuscripts I have out there beta reading, I caught the problem.

Easiest? Research. *laughs* I am researching sex toys for a submission and let me tell you, I never blushed so much in my life. LOL Though honey loves it when I go into what he calls “Research Mode”.

LOL!! They do love to play research assistant, don’t they?

How has your life been affected as a result, if at all? Has your confidence in your writing changed?
Raine says: Well, real life does take center stage some days plus with two kids ages 9 and 7 that have dance classes and then honey and I couple time, it is a balancing act in itself. I am lucky that honey and my kids support me in this and that they are proud to hear of my accomplishments and downturns.

Yep, you’re very lucky.

What advice would you give a writer just starting out?
Raine says: network with other authors. Learn, grow and always push the boundaries. Take online free courses and keep writing!

Good advice for anyone wanting to advance a career.

I hear new genres are opening up. Can you tell us about some?
Raine says: Urban Fantasy is gaining momentum big time. I love that genre and find myself wondering if I can even go that way in writing. J

What have you published and where can I get your books?
Raine says: Currently I am at Aspen Mountain Press (, you can find my books at Fictionwise, ARe, and Amazon Kindle.

Devon Falls Series (paranormal Erotic Romance)at AMP:
1) Sticky Magic-In Babes in Toyland II Anthology

2) Red Hot Magic

3) Fiery Magic

Non-Series books at AMP:
Fairy Kisses and Magical Dreams

Do you have anything currently under contract?
Raine says: Currently I am fixing up the next Devon Falls book, Haunting Magic. This one is about Damien’s twin, Rodrick and how the woman who is his mate is not what he imagines.
I am waiting to hear on a paranormal romantic comedy called Falling to Pieces and a few others as well.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?
Raine says: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Devon Falls with hunky bachelors, a dog auction and some steamy dreams as Raven DeMarco finds herself dreaming of the one man who can give her everything she ever wanted but can Jean-Claude find her before the end of Valentine’s day? Come to Devon Falls this year and be captivated at how two people find themselves lost in their desire.

Thank you, Raine! Well, let’s get right to that excerpt, shall we?
Here’s a taste of Devon Falls!

Devon Falls: Red Hot Magic
*Book 2 in Series*
Author: Raine Delight
Aspen Mountain Press
Release date: 2/7/08
Paranormal Contemporary Erotic Romance


With the help of a charity fundraiser, Jenna sets her friend, Raven, up to find Mr. Perfect. Raven though, has found Mr. her dreams. Now, if she could only find the sexy man in real life.

Edited Excerpt

Raven felt the soft breeze swirl and the silk sheets slither around her body like a lovers hands. She opened her eyes and looked around. She wasn’t in her apartment and she was naked. How the hell did that happened? Instead she was in a dream; something was going to happen tonight and she knew her life would change forever. “You’re awake I see. We have so many other delicious things to do yet, my love,” a deep voice whispered across the room. Raven shivered as desire raced thru her body faster than she ever had imagined. “Who are you? What do you want of me?” Turning left then right, she tried to figure out where the voice came from. As the breeze swirled around the room, it caressed her body, making her nipples tighten and wetness pool in her core. Trying not to let her mystery man know how he much he affected her, Raven tried to still her aching body with deep breaths. That is until she spied the tall man walking toward her from the shadows. With hair dark as midnight, a body that stormed her defenses with just a look, his blue eyes locked onto hers. He was easily over 6 foot 5” and he was deliciously naked…with a cock that begged to be suckled and licked. It was absolutely the largest one Raven had ever seen and it grew larger with every step he took toward her. This man would give her the ultimate pleasure she had been searching for and she would crave even more from him. Gulping, she felt rather than saw him sit on the edge of the bed. As her gaze traveled up his body to his face, she caught laughter in his marvelous eyes as he watched her take stock of his body. “Love, you don’t have to be afraid. You know who I am even if you don’t want to admit it. I’m your soul mate and I’ve been searching for you for a long time. You need me as much as I need you, Cheri. I am coming for you.” Raven shivered as those words slammed into her with a desire that almost had her coming on the spot. Shifting, Raven asked again, “Who are you?” Before she could do or say anything else, this towering man took her hand, palm side up and with a kiss in the center said, “I am your destiny!” Raven tried to speak, her lips opened but before she could say one word she felt him tip her face toward his. He settled those sexy lips on hers allowing one last thought to pierce her lust filled brain…Damn he’s like a decadent dessert…all ready to gobble up unless you slow yourself down to enjoy every last bite.


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Hi Lena,

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Thanks for having me.
Raine D.

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