Friday, January 21, 2011

Nominee for 2010 Best Publisher: Changeling Press Announces The Shamrock Challenge!

Are you up to the challenge?

Introducing the Shamrock Challenge!

Hot, Handsome Hunks Wanted!

We're looking for new authors to add to our cast of characters who cause mayhem and amoking wherever they go! Do you have what it takes to write short, hot novellas 10K-28K (or can serialize your longer works)? Can you write a story in any one or more of our thirteen genres and fifteen themes? Are you unafraid to shamelessly promote your work?

Want to win a contest and join our award-winning lineup of authors like Angela Knight, Kate Douglas, Michele Bardsley and Dakota Cassidy?


Then check out our submissions page and start pounding keyboard!

We're holding a contest starting February 14, and you have until March 17 to hammer out and polish your best effort. (Yeah, that's about 1K-plus a day, so get cracking.) Grand Prize Winners will get a contract and free promotions, not to mention some serious fanfare and applause for their bravery for submitting to The Troll. (Okay, that's an inside joke. Bear with us. We have fun, here.)

For all the details you need, click HERE

That's if you need to cut and paste.

Celebrity Judges: Kate Douglas, Dakota Cassidy, Michele Bardsley and Angela Knight

Prizes: Grand Prize-- publication with Changeling Press and a year of free marketing with TRS

Note: All rights to the works remain with their authors until accepted for publication by Changeling Press. However, we do ask that you do not do simultaneous submissions for the month of the contest. Give us a fair crack at it, okay?

**Permission to Forward Granted and Encouraged**


Check the Changeling Press website for submission guidelines first.

After that, email Service @ Changeling Press. com (No spaces)

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Lena Austin

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