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Excerpt: AWU-Bonds of Matrimony

All Wrapped Up 3: Bonds of Matrimony
Lena Austin
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2007 Lena Austin
An Authorized Excerpt
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some
may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling
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>A tall male human wearing ancient livery from about eighteenth century Europe
>herded them all inside into a climate-controlled hall of gargantuan proportions.
>Alex would have killed for three minutes to study the art and architecture, but
>they were ushered directly into a room where another human male lounged on a
>Greco-Roman couch, spanking a naked female.
>The female, as pale-skinned as Alex, writhed but did not appear interested in
>escape. Indeed, her blonde hair obscured her face, but her hands fondled her
>exposed breasts in sexual pleasure with every stroke of the palmetto fan paddle
>on her pink buttocks. Her gasps and soft cries of pleasure were clearly audible.
>The male, dressed only in a pair of cream-colored loose pants, was a burly man
>of truly mixed heritage. His skin was a perfect dark tan, and his musculature
>spectacular. Like Alex, he wore his black hair on his shoulders, though his was
>tied with a simple thong at the back.
>Even Alex felt a moment of desire, and he normally was not interested in other
>males. His cock hardened, and Alex glanced around at their fellow guests,
>slightly embarrassed. He need not have worried. From the glazed looks, hardened
>nipples, tented trousers, and other evidence, the sight affected all of them.
>Apparently, he wasn't the only deviant among the guests. Even his wife panted
>and squeezed his hand with every stroke of the fan.
>Their shepherd stepped forward hastily, arresting the spanker's attention. "My
>deepest apologies, Master Augustine. They did not mean to interrupt your
>pleasures. Would you prefer to greet our guests later at dinner?"
>Rendol Augustine surveyed them all with perfect calm before turning his
>attention to their guide. "No, Delos. Let them stay and watch." He smiled
>impartially at them all and gave the lovely lady another spank. "They are all
>voyeurs to a certain extent. And --" One of his fingers dipped into his victim's
>sex and came up glistening before he licked it off. "-- some get off on being
>The blonde lifted her head to reveal perfect features and blue eyes so light as
>to be almost colorless. A rare genotype to be sure. She smiled at them all
>before putting her head back down, clearly implying she did enjoy being the
>center of the display.
>Master Augustine slapped one rosy buttock with his bare hand. "I caught Tira
>here playing in the dildo collection. Hardly a crime worth calling the
>authorities, wouldn't you say? But definitely in need of some form of
>punishment, so I chose to mete out justice on my own." He delivered another
>stinging blow to the other cheek. "Naughty girls mustn't play in the Master's
>toys without permission."
>Tira squirmed and panted out, "Yes, Master."
>Millicent leaned back against his chest, almost as if her legs would not hold
>her further. Her breaths were coming so hard and fast, Alex feared she'd faint.
>Almost automatically, his right hand fondled his wife's soft breast through her
>bikini top. Alex could claim perhaps that he reacted to the scene in front of
>him, but deep inside he knew he wanted to mimic every action that brought the
>blonde to orgasm.
>His fellow attendees seemed just as affected. Alex was not the only partner
>unabashedly fondling their mate, though he had to avert his eyes from the two
>females. Alex was a throwback enough to admit he enjoyed that display more than
>he cared to admit publicly.
>Millicent was not so inhibited. She seemed to frankly relish every act going on
>around them, though her eyes repeatedly strayed back to their host and his
>victim. Her nipples were harder than asteroids, and her breathing matched the
>blonde's panting cries for orgasm.

gt;In response to that unspoken plea, Alex rolled and pinched Millicent's nipples
>while his left hand crept inside her bikini pants to pinch her round bottom. The
>scent of female musk filled the room, fueling their passions. Alex no longer
>cared who saw them, and he doubted most sincerely if anyone else cared if the
>meet and greet with Rendol Augustine turned into an orgy.
>In fact, several of the guests removed clothing, stripping without anyone else
>batting an eyelash. Several couples hit the floor or bent one partner over the
>furnishings. The two male partners made use of a delicate footstool. Alex hoped
>the little gold and cream thing could stand the abuse. Panting and bedroom
>language filled the air.
>Millicent herself reached up and yanked on the string holding her bikini top
>around her rib cage, all the while writhing in time to every pinch he made to
>each buttock cheek. "Yes, Alex. More, please. More."
>Happy to oblige, Alex tugged at the string holding her bikini on her dark hips,
>and shoved it down until it fell to her ankles. He eyed the sofa and coffee
>table directly in front of them. The top of the sofa was softly plump, perfect
>for bending his long-legged wife over. After a short debate as to whether to put
>his wife on her back and eat her soft flesh until she screamed or put her over
>the sofa for a fuck and spank, Alex decided on the latter. After all, the
>spanking turned her on. So why not indulge her fantasy?
>Rendol Augustine's eyes seemed to glow for a moment when Alex threw his darkling
>wife over his cream colored sofa and imitated his every wallop on the blonde's
>now bright pink ass. He nodded, smiled, and slowed down to show him every choice
>of where to spank for maximum impact.
>The rest of his fellow guests indulged their own sexual preferences shamelessly.
>The slap of flesh, exhortations of, "Deeper, harder, faster," and the scent of
>sexual indulgences filled the room. The orgy was in full swing, with even Delos
>having been called upon to indulge one female's preference for two males at
>once. Their shepherd's cock slid down her throat while her partner stuffed her
>pussy with his equally hard cock. Alex hoped the furnishings in the room were
>sturdy enough, but he need not have concerned himself. Rendol Augustine owned
>the entire Class M planet. He probably gave the furniture not one second of
>The blonde in Rendol's lap now squirmed in earnest. "Master, please! I beg
>forgiveness. Please, please fuck me. I beg for your cock."
>Millicent squeaked with every smack on her beautiful ass, but those tiny squeaks
>brought back fond memories of their student days. Alex knew that sound was
>pleasure-based, a remnant of those days when they had to be quiet or risk
>discovery. Her hand reached backwards, fumbling for his cock to fondle.
>Alex kept his aching rod out of reach deliberately. This was all about her, for
>the moment. He wanted her to beg for release, just as the blonde on Rendol
>Augustine's lap did. His discomfort was unimportant. Besides, he was having fun.
>For once, Alex was in total control, and he luxuriated in the novelty.
>Millicent and the blonde Tira groaned simultaneously. The sound echoed around
>the room from many of the participants. The slap of flesh on flesh grew in
>frequency, matching the music that filtered through a hidden sound system.
>"Can-Can" was the name, if Alex remembered his ancient art studies. The musical
>beat was perfectly matched by the sexual beat.
>With his free hand, Alex checked Millicent's readiness for sex and found her hot
>and wet, so ready in fact that she squealed when he touched her. Pleased he'd
>produced a new reaction from her, Alex slid his fingertip from her vagina to her
>clit, using her own lubrication.
>Rendol snatched Tira from his lap and stood, his pants showing an impressive
>erection beneath the thin fabric. He put the red-cheeked blonde on the floor and
>permitted her to remove his trousers. "With your teeth."
>"Yes, Master." Tira obeyed, clasping her hands behind her back and using tongue
>and teeth to perform the service.
>"Please! Oh, please!" Millicent's throaty pleas had enough desperation to excite
>any man.
>Briefly, Alex debated putting her on her knees before him, but they often did
>that trying to get him erect. He wanted nothing of their past to spoil the
>moment. These circumstances required something different. Alex bit his lip and
>risked a stinging slap on his wife's rear. "Quiet. Be still."
>"Oh!" After one jerk, Millicent turned her head to let him see one amused brown
>eye. She put her head down until her braids obscured her face. Then, to his
>astonishment, she giggled.
>"Million Dollar" Millicent Devereaux had giggled. His jaw dropped, and Alex
>tried to wrap his mind around the concept that she seemed to enjoy what he'd
>done. Alex yanked his pants down, anxious to enjoy this new development.
>Rendol's lips twitched as he caught Alex's gaze. Then he winked and grabbed a
>handful of Tira's sunshine hair. "Assume the same position as our guests on the
>sofa, Tira. Both of you ladies will be fucked together."
>Tira obeyed with such speed, Alex thought she'd vault over the back of the sofa.
>As soon as her blonde hair tumbled to grace the creamy cushions, she grabbed
>Millicent's hand and squeezed.
>Millicent, normally not demonstrative of emotions, squeezed back and exchanged a
>grin with her couch companion.
>Rendol kicked off his pants and sauntered over to join them, his eyes surveying
>the other guests with cool assessment. When he'd positioned himself behind his
>lovely victim, he grinned in a comradely fashion at him. "Shall we?"
>Alex entered into the spirit of the orgy. "Yes, let's. The ladies have earned a
>little reward, haven't they?"
>Two giggles erupted from their sun and shadow darlings. Both wriggled in
>anticipation, their sexes pinkly gleaming and ready.
>Their host virtually purred. "If they haven't, they will." He looked down at
>Millicent. "Won't they?"
>Unbelievably, Alex heard Millicent reply in a soft, feminine voice. "Yes, Master
>Augustine. Yes, Master Alex."
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