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Excerpt: Unicorn Valley 1: Gryphon's Heart by Lena Austin

Unicorn Valley (Collection)
by Lena Austin
Cover art: Angela Knight 
ISBN: 978-1-59596-897-5 
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy, Collections 
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More, Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, Magic
and Mayhem, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures 

Length: Collection
After his foster brothers left, Lionel pondered what they said. He got up from
the chair, still in humanoid form, to pace as Brolly did. It helped to do
something, even if it served no useful purpose. "However lovely the Gryphoness
of the afternoon was, no matter how much I wanted to fly her, I have my honor.
However, honor makes a cold and lonely nest to sleep in. Logic demands I
approach Teema and apologize for insulting her. Our friendship earns that, at
least." He picked up a small crystal she made for him during their mage
training, merely to hold a small part of her.
"Friendship isn't what I want from Teema anymore. I want her also as a mate. The

question is, how to approach her? Could I be the aggressor? Well, yes, I can
manage that. How does one approach a Werebitch? Simply walk up and take? That
seems a bit harsh and overdone." If it weren't Teema herself he needed to
approach, he'd ask her for advice. "Blast it all, this needing a mate disrupts a

perfectly well-ordered and logical life. I'll go find Teema right now and settle

the issue like the good friends we are. Together, there might be a solution." He

put down the crystal in its place on a small table, where it caught the morning
He turned to go to the cliff edge where he'd transform and fly down, but Teema
stood there already. Instead of her usual gray tunic and trousers, she wore a
green gown cut so low in front his human mouth watered. Her brown hair was loose

instead of braided, and her eyes glittered in the afternoon light. "May I come
in?" she asked.* * *Teema waited at the cave entrance for admittance, unsure of
her reception. Lionel might still be angry at being turned into an ass, no
matter what Nin-Kaa said. The three females, Teema, Kella, and Nin-Kaa, had put
their collective heads together and planned a seduction, which Kella declared
"no fail." Flying up here was no difficulty, but transforming her normal -- and
much warmer -- clothing to this excuse for a dress made her hands shake with
fear as well as cold.
Lionel gaped at her like he'd lost what wits he'd possessed before he nodded. No

wonder. He was in humanoid form, and therefore much more susceptible to emotions

and, yes, lust.
Teema glanced down at the bulge in his trews before she swept by him to go to
the fire. The thought of what that bulge represented made her wet and threw her
into heat.
Lionel realized what his body showed because he cleared his throat and stammered

like a lack-wit, "I was just going outside to transform and…"
"Find me. Yes, I know," Teema grinned. She conjured a mage fire to produce a
little heat as well as light. She'd be damned if she'd get naked and frolic
while she shivered. "You were talking to yourself."
"I was?"
"Yes, you were. I'll be happy to tell you how to approach a Werebitch if you're
interested to know. I may even show you." Teema shot him her best seductive
"come hither" look over her shoulder. "There! The fire will warm up the cave
quick as a wink, if you'll seal the entrance. It's a bit chilly if you don't
have fur or feathers to keep you warm." To make sure, she sealed the entrance
herself with a light mage shield.
Lionel sat down on the divan he kept for Shadow to sit upon. It was closest, and

he made a vain attempt to cover his hard-on with his tunic. Belatedly, he
offered, "I'd be happy to change back to Gryphon and warm you with my wings if
you wish. You should've brought a cloak if you insist on being in human form."
Teema shrugged and sat down next to him on the divan. "I didn't think of it.
Don't you dare transform. I like you this way." She reached up to stroke the
hard biceps under his sleeve. "You make an extremely attractive human, you know,

with that tawny hair like a lion's mane and those big eyes like amber. You made
this form as big and strong as a human can be without over-doing it."
"I, uh, copied Shadow a bit." He held himself rigid, as if afraid to move.
"And wisely so. However, you made the chest broader to reflect your strength of
wing. Did you do it on purpose?" She stroked a pectoral muscle to emphasize this

was no clinical analysis, no matter what her words said.
"No, it just feels more natural. Teema, what're you doing? Human form is…" His
gaze fell on the floor.
"Always in season. Yes, I know. In fact, I'm depending upon it. I'm showing you
how to be the aggressor, of course." She reached down, took his right hand, and
put it to her breast before she squirmed close enough to nibble on his ear.
"You'll show me you can be passionate, won't you?" she whispered, alternating
licks and nibbles to his earlobe with her words.
His hand cupped her breast willingly. "I think I can manage that," he purred.
"But shouldn't we wear less clothing?"
"Mmmm… good point." Teema released his earlobe and started to wriggle away, but
Lionel's large hand closed on the neck of her gown and ripped it away with one
"Is that more aggressive?" he asked, with his amber eyes wide and innocent.
Teema looked down at her naked body in the shreds of her dress, and nodded. She
was thoroughly wet with need now, from that one gesture of dominance. "That's
more like it, Lionel. Can you manage more?" she begged.
"I think so," he laughed, and pinned Teema to the seat of the divan, throwing
her backwards until her head dangled over the edge. "I'm beginning to like
this," came a soft growl before he inched forward to lap gently at one pink
nipple. One hand released her to cup that breast and bring it up to become a
Teema heard her own growl of response. If she could've moved, she might have
spread fully beneath him, but she was effectively pinned except for the one free

hand that crept up and fisted in his hair.
Lionel paid no attention to her hand in his hair, but nibbled and nipped, and
reveled in her tiny gasps and pants. He lingered until the nipple was swollen
and hard as the rock walls of his cave before he bit his way to the other,
nipping gently at the underside of each where the white flesh was tender. "Now
here's meat to nibble upon, but never chew," he remarked to the new pink nipple
before giving it the same treatment as its twin.
"Oh, really? We've shared many a bone between us, Lionel, but I've got a bone in

mind that also needs nibbling upon," Teema panted. She used the thigh trapped
between his legs to caress the hardness she found there, making sure he
understood her meaning.

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