Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Release!! Sugarplums: Make the Yuletide Gay by Lena Austin

New Release Today!!

Sugarplum: Make the Yuletide Gay
by Lena Austin
Cover art: Reneé George

ISBN: 978-1-60521-520-4

Genre(s): Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary), Hot Flashes

Theme(s): Christmas, Seasonal Themes, Gay and Lesbian

Series: Sugarplums

Length: Hot Flash


Dr. Gary Lord was comfortable and out in his homosexuality anywhere but his southern hometown and certainly not at his parents' house. But, in Yulee, Florida, secrets are very hard to keep when the folks across town know how you season your greens the minute you say, "Pass the salt."

And there's an old high school classmate who's been waiting patiently for Gary to come home... and he plans to crash Gary's Yuletide celebration in a big way.


Adam stood right behind him, trapping him with his arms, one on each side of Gary’s head. Adam looked a little like a cowboy Phantom of the Opera, with the light only illuminating one side of his face and his hat still on his head. “Only mine are gone, and they don’t need to know their son is gay. You’re still in the closet to yours, too, I guess.”

Gary admitted nothing. He didn’t care how much he wanted those firm lips on his or how much he’d fantasized about those rough, weathered hands on his body, Gary still didn’t want to believe his high school crush was within reach and offering. Somewhere, down deep in his soul, Gary dredged up one word. “Why?”

“You mean why am I doing my damndest to get you to do a horizontal tango with me? Hell, Gary.” Adam lifted his arms away from the wall and backed off. His left hand scrubbed at his forehead. Gary’d forgotten Adam was a southpaw. “I wish I knew what attracted me to you, but I’ve been running scared from you since our sophomore year, when I finally came to grips with my sexuality. You kept pushing those damn glasses up on your nose and sticking your chin in the air when you were outclassed in gym, and… aw, hell, you drove me nuts.”

“I had laser surgery on my eyes three years ago.” So maybe it wasn’t the most intelligent thing to say and in some ways was cowardly, but Gary just couldn’t accept what Adam was saying. “I don’t get it. You could have anyone. Why the nerd?”

Adam chuckled under his breath. “Finally, I get a real question. Best answer I have is that opposites attract. I’ve been waiting all year for you to come home for the holidays so you could make my Yuletide gay.”

“Very funny, Adam.” No one had popped out of the woodwork with a camera, yelling how they’d caught him in the act and were going to tell his parents and ruin their holiday, so Gary got a little bolder. “You realize I’ve no reason to trust you? Right?”

“Ye-up! I know.” Adam’s voice deepened, torturing Gary just a little more. “Guess I’m just gonna have to prove I’m serious.” His right hand touched Gary’s shoulder and gently pressed him against the wall. His left caressed the outline of Gary’s cock. “Leastways one part of you believes I ain’t lying.”

Gary had held fossils that were less hard than his dick was. So much blood had left Gary’s brain he was light-headed. Gary’s ass craved what Adam could give, and Gary let the ex-jock push him up against the chilly wainscoting for fear he’d do something stupid like beg if he opened his mouth. Hell, he’d dreamed about Adam for the past fifteen years, and now Gary was afraid to accept what Adam offered. “Fifteen years ago, I’d have been on my knees thanking Upstairs if you’d so much as blinked in my direction. I kinda idolized you.”

“I was a wuss.” Adam tossed off that statement and leaned in until Gary could feel his breath on his right cheek. “I took the easy road and let everyone believe I was the Marlboro Man, all perfect and shit. I wasn’t. Far from it.” Adam’s lips brushed his, and then Adam backed off to study Gary’s face for an objection. “Instead of all those squishy girls, all I wanted was a skinny nerd more interested in amphoras and some weird-ass device from Anti-something Greece.”

“Amphorae. The plural is amphorae. And the place is Antikythera.” Gary’s correction was automatic, considering how Adam was scrambling his brain and his pulse. “I… I can explain.”

“Later.” Adam reached around and yanked him right up to him for a little tongue duel.

Was Gary a sucker for a little domination? Okay, yes, he was. Working around Egypt, knowing his work could be yanked away at the least provocation, was stressful. Gary craved letting go and allowing someone else to take over, so he could stop thinking even for an hour. With Adam, that part was easy. Gary’s brain clicked offline as soon as Adam’s hand slid from his waist to cup Gary’s ass. Fortunately for him, Gary had a subconscious with more sense than intelligence. In response to Gary’s rising lust levels, one of his hands reluctantly slid around Adam’s waist and completed their clinch.

How long they locked lips was anyone’s guess, but eventually Adam broke off. Adam studied Gary’s glazed eyes and nodded. “’Bout time you stopped fighting me. Mind if I just bend you over the sofa? It’s the right height, I think.”

He wasn’t a shrimp, but Gary was about an inch or two shorter, so Gary gave the big leather-backed sofa a glance. “Looks pillow soft, but I won’t break if it isn’t.”

All Gary could hear was Adam’s breathing. Then Adam released him entirely. “Get naked. I want to see you. All of you.”

“Same goes, cowboy.” Gary lifted his chin and dared Adam like they were still in the schoolyard.

Adam nodded. “Fair enough.”

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