Thursday, December 2, 2010

I was quoted on FlyLady!! Wow!!

Pam here: I just found a comment by a novelist who discovered my Stick it Right on the Money Gift kit and wrote about it. I think her sentiments match Jenny's.

This has to be the most innovative way to give a plain old monetary gift some pizzazz to show you really did think about what gift would suit the recipient.
My mother in law used to say that giving money, gift certificates, and gift cards were in a way a cop out and borderline rude. They require very little thought, and while "one size does fit all" it does show a certain casual disregard for the likes and dislikes of the recipient or even little more than a nod to the occasion. However in today's busy world, sometimes giving cash can mean a whole lot more, especially when friends and family can be many miles apart. Cash spends well without having to worry. Now, with Stick It Right On the Money stickers, you can do more than give a nod to the occasion! Each frame and stickers are "Post-it" sticky, so the money isn't damaged. (That's illegal.) See the video at the website. What a great gift idea.
Lena Austin

Note from Lena: I've been a FlyBaby for years, but this is huge. Marla Cilley, aka The FlyLady, has millions of followers and devoted fans. I'm one of them. This is like having Nora Roberts quote me. I'm ready to faint. I'm on FlyLady's BigTent site, where her fans can get updates and household hints every day. That's where this quote came from.

Lena Austin

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