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PROMO: ADULT Excerpt: Majesty Mysteries: Silver Spider by Lena Austin (Paranormal, Magical Creatures, GLBT, Mystery)

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Majesty Mysteries: Silver Spider
by Lena Austin

Cover art by Marteeka Karland

ISBN: 978-1-60521- 368-2
Series: Majesty Mysteries



Madge Majesty is a harpy mystery writer and amateur sleuth in Edwardian Britain with a nose for murder and her faithful chauffeur Hayden, who is a gay telekinetic ex-thief. This time, the secretive Duke of Aberstwyth invited her for a murder mystery party, but he's the first victim! Now it's up to Madge to solve whodunit from the motley assortment of gays, bisexuals, and very nervous heterosexuals, all of whom have more than just their sexual foibles to hide! Is it the cross-dressing vampire, the packless werewolf, the fag hag doctor, the straight gargoyle major domo, or the promiscuous man who seems bent on getting everyone in his bed, including Hayden?



Madge was wet with desire, but restrained herself until she fairly quivered. It wouldn't do to frighten poor Hayden, even if her wish was to toss him upon the coverlet and have him at long last. Certainly Madge could convince him to forego his manners and behave like pigs in the mud eventually.

Once the door was shut, Madge picked up the box of chocolates from her bedside table and offered him his choice. Wisely, he chose a peppermint confection. Madge would have hated to have to slap his hands. The chocolates were hers. She intended to smear one or two all over his deliciously thick cock and give her tongue a new treat.

Now, how to get him out of that uniform? Hmm. "You might wish to remove your coat before indulging, Hayden. I'd hate to pay for your uniform to be cleaned."

"Yes, Madame." He divested himself of his coat quickly, still clutching his candy in one hand. He looked around for a safe place to hang it and found none.

"Here, give it to me. I know just where to hang it." Once Madge had hold of the heavy thing, she tossed it negligently over the set of mirrors on the vanity. His coat covered all three admirably. "There. Quite decorative, don't you think?"

Hayden popped the ball of peppermint into his mouth, and talked around it. "Yes, Madame. This is quite delicious."

If ever there was an opening, that one was as wide as the Mediterranean Sea. "Really? I shall have to find out." Madge lunged at him, jumping into his embrace.

She'd forgotten how strong Hayden was. His arms felt like tree trunks encircling her waist. However, he did have a small crease in his forehead, no doubt worried about some trivial matter like class or other nonsense. His voice was so low, even her pointed ears strained to hear his words. "Madge? Will I hurt your wings to hold you so?"

Oh, how sweet. He worried about hurting her. She certainly hoped he would! "No, darling Hayden. They are literally gone from this world until I call them forth. You may even put me on my back and not harm me in any way."

"Good." His mouth clamped down on hers, and they shared the bite of peppermint between them.

Well, Madge was much pleased by Hayden's show of dominance. She couldn't say she had a weakness for it, but she did prefer that the male be at least nominally in control of the situation. As with so many things in life, a wise female let the male think he reigned supreme, and most males were quite well aware who truly ruled the roost.

When he broke the kiss, Madge retained the candy. He smiled down at her. "We're breaking all the rules, Madge."

Madge grinned up at him, knowing her fangs didn't intimidate him in the slightest. She'd show him what use they could be put to before the hour was out, if she had her way. Madge drenched her knickers at the visions in her head. She hoped he was up to the challenge. "I fully intend to break as many rules as possible, don't you?"

His lips twitched. "Madame knows how I love tweaking the noses of Authority and their rules." He bit her nose. "Now, do you require assistance to strip out of those confining evening clothes?"

She faced away from him. "Unzip me, would you?" A cool breeze assailed her back while he performed that small service. Then her hair fell from the sensible pile she'd made of it.

Courtesy of Hayden's gift, her hairpins came out of her careful coif and bobbed along midair past her shoulder and danced one by one into a trinket box left open on her vanity next to her hairbrush and comb. She'd forgotten about his abilities, since he didn't use them in her presence much.

His warm peppermint breath teased her right shoulder, and then his lips followed the same path. "I'd always wanted to see your curls down. I've amused myself for hours wondering how long your hair would be if it were wet enough to weigh them to straightness."

She'd not bobbed her hair as many females had done, but Madge kept it at the manageable length of her shoulder blades. "I knew it to be a thick, heavy mass, but feared trying to bob it would only make me look like a black cotton ball."

He rumbled a masculine purr. "Allow me to correct you. You'd look like a safe little black lamb. Can't have a fierce harpy giving the wrong impression." His hands slipped inside her dress, and it dropped to the floor in a shimmering heap of beads and black silk. "That's better."

"Hmph! I shall not knock about the room in my corset and stockings while you remain fully clothed." Madge stepped away from him and rested her buttocks on her vanity top, which she knew allowed him to see her long dark legs encased in black silk stockings to match her black corset with the red bow between her breasts. Madge folded her arms in front of her chest. It wasn't much of a chest, but it was hers.

Now Madge was glad she'd chosen a simple outfit for Hayden's uniform. Her original purpose had been frugal, but she appreciated the simple pale gray cotton shirt, gray woolen pants, and matching gray woolen coat for how they made Hayden's blue eyes darken. His light brown hair was a tiny bit mussed from the wind. Madge couldn't wait to taste what lay beneath the somber wool.

"You look hungry, Madge. I do hope I am not dinner." Hayden was well schooled enough to remember her former life.

Madge blushed red at the truth of the harpy reputation and she didn't know quite how to reassure him. After all, she had done some of the things he'd read about, and more he'd never know.

"Here, now!" He stepped over, wearing only his pants. His shirt now decorated one of the carved posts of her bed. He lifted her chin and brushed her lips with his. "You don't know what I've done in my life, so let's just say we don't have to be proud of the past. I was just teasing you."

Madge sighed and melted into his kiss, shamelessly begging for more. She wanted to forget about her past and simply enjoy simpler things. Like having her breasts lifted from the top of her corset and played with like toys.

There were advantages to making love with one who can move objects with his mind, like knowing both of his hands are on your breasts, while simultaneously the ribbons of your corset are undone. Then he unlatched her stockings and rolled them down. Finally, her sharp pointed ears caught the rasp as he pulled down his own zipper with his mind. All done while his mouth and fingers teased nipples and nipped soft flesh.

Then, the greatest trick of all. His mouth suckled one nipple in, and both his hands worked her corset off her body, but something-made-of-nothing tickled and rubbed her clit. Madge threw back her head and gulped air. "You surprise me. And here I thought I knew you well."

He nipped her right nipple before answering in a low, aroused voice. "Just goes to show you don't know everything, Madge. I have upon occasion enjoyed a woman or two."

"Well then please hurry up and enjoy me before I lose my mind!" Under normal circumstances, such urgency in her voice would have appalled her for the lack of control. At that very moment, she was close to begging.

He picked her up from the vanity top and yanked off her knickers now that her stockings no longer inhibited their removal. Then, he took two steps and lifted her up until Madge sat upon a tall bureau. Mercilessly he pulled her legs apart. He gave her an evil smile and stuck out his peppermint-green tongue at her. "As Madame requires."

Perhaps it was best there were no guests lingering upstairs. Her howl of delight might have frightened someone, even if she did try to smother it with her hand. Not only was she being eaten in the best possible way, but also that invisible force fucked her ass and a hand fucked her pussy.

He teased her clit with his tongue in a long, delightful lap, used one finger to curl up and touch a particularly sensitive spot inside her, while simultaneously her ass hosted an unseen force that wriggled like a kraken's tentacle. The heat of peppermint infused the whole experience with a tingle that Madge would have difficulty describing.

She bit back a screech that would have frightened even those in Hel, and gasped out the very best compliment she could think of at the time. "In Herculaneum, you could have been a rich hetaerae!"

He bit the inside of her thigh most delightfully. "Perhaps later you'll explain that statement and put me to blush, but I understand enough to thank you. Did you know goddesses taste like fruit and honey?"

"Yes!" He noticed! Mt. Vesuvius wasn't going to erupt anytime soon, but Madge was, and probably with more force. She writhed, being so thoroughly fucked she was clay in the sculptor's hands.

"I won't ask how you know, but I could make a feast of you all night."

Her laugh turned into a gasp of pleasure. There was no need for an answer, not now at least. Every nerve ending of her body was alive, especially those between her legs. Madge scooted forward to give him total access to her body, not that he wasn't already taking advantage of all he could reach.

Hayden's finger and talent moved faster within her, each both heightening her impending orgasm and distracting her from reaching that elusive peak. Madge didn't think he could do any more to send her into transports of delight, until he reached up with his other hand, and tweaked the nipple he found.

Madge made Aphrodite proud, with the way she exploded. The Goddess of Love, so famous for her extraordinary lovemaking, might have even envied Madge in her ecstasy. She heard a crash, and barely registered that, in her lapse of concentration, her wings had manifested and unfurled.

Bless him, Hayden didn't stop his beautiful art until Madge was completely sated and gasped out incoherent pleas for mercy. He lifted his face from between her thighs with the satisfied smirk of a man who knows he has won the first round in the battle of love.

Challenged, Madge resolved to wipe that cheeky grin from his face. She launched from the top of the bureau and carried him through the few feet of air to land both of them on the bed, folding her wings at the last moment so they wouldn't catch on the posts or wreak more havoc.

Hayden's eyes were wide with surprise, but quickly they half-shut with lust. He looked admiringly at her wings. His jaw fell slowly open. "Feathers. You have beautiful feathers, in all shades of gray from clouds to the dark of pigeon wings, like a goshawk. Like a dark angel, you are."

Madge sniggered, pleased at the compliment. "Did you think I'd have bat's wings like Jazz? No, darling. We harpies are part bird and part human." A little owl, a little vulture, and who knew what else? But he didn't need to know that part.


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