Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Review for Santa Paws from Romance Junkies

Woohoo! Thank you RJ and Chrissy Dionne!

4.5 Ribbons! I'm so thrilled! Here's a snippet.

"Lena Austin delights the imagination with her enchanting short story SANTA PAWS. Infused throughout the story are appropriate snippets from the well known poem THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS and I admit I got a chuckle at how naughty some of them sound when used in just the right context. JR’s attempt at redeeming himself are very sweet and you can sense his discomfort at the possibility of being caught delivering gifts wearing a Santa suit. Phaedra’s rage at him is heartfelt and easily understandable. They don’t seem to be a very likely couple but they have an undeniable chemistry that is very exciting – especially since JR keeps having trouble maintain his full human form while with Phaedra. "

Happy Dancing!

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