Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Light Show Awards from Lena

Last night, we continued our annual holiday tradition of driving around our neighborhood and looking at the lawn decorations and lighting. Every year, we "award" a few accolades.

This year, there were several contenders for the "Okay, I put up the damn lights. Stop bitching at me!" Awards. We had the choice of between four small lit candy canes haphazardly stuck in the ground along the sidewalk and a collection of eight broken and shabby snowmen shoved in the ground so they looked drunk. We decided the broken snowmen were even more pitiful than the candy canes.

Then there's our infamous "Bad Taste" award, usually given to the persons with the largest electric bill due next month. We had a very clear winner in this category. Even the huge tricked out stump jumper truck was covered in lights to show it off. There were so many inflatable ornaments on the lawn, you *know* what little grass there is was smothering, and I'm sure the neighbors were using blackout shades on their windows to get some sleep. Then, to make the final icing on the cake, they had an outdoor speaker playing Christmas tunes.

Finally, we have a special category called, "Religious Bad Taste." While we have no objections to religious displays, there are some folks in this world who feel the need to "shout on the street corner." This year, we decided the five-foot tall Precious Moments painted wood cutouts of the nativity scene, complete with animals, shepherds, and wise men went too far over the line into tasteless.

Well, that concludes this year's awards. Wish I could take pictures, but my camera's light sensor is on the fritz.

Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate. I'll be offline until after January 3, so please bear with me.


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