Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coming Soon to Aspen Mountain Press: Yule Fire


Everyone's hiding something this holiday, and it's not presents. Belle is hiding her multi-millionaire preschooler from the press. Jacques is hiding his business dealings and playing the reluctant war hero Belle must host as a promo stunt for her magazine. All they both want is a quiet holiday season in each other's arms, but not if Belle's obnoxious boss has his way. What are a witch and a war hero to do but become co-conspirators, determined to have a little food and fun with no strings attached? But Someone else has plans for them both that go beyond the holiday season.


She dreamed of floating on a cloud, blissfully uncaring about the hustle and bustle of street life below. The honks of traffic were a mere whisper of sound.
Warm and safe, she snuggled in Jacques' arms and muttered, “I love you. Please stay with me here forever.”
His rumbling chuckle vibrated the whole cloud. “I've only been waiting for you to ask.”
His kiss started out feather light, and deepened slowly. The whole cloud lit up with sunshine.
She purred and wrapped her arms around his naked body. Her hands stroked along the hard muscled back. His flesh was just like him, firm and resilient, but hiding the hardness beneath. She needed that strength more than ever. Her hands tightened, pulling him closer.
Another hardness pressed against her thigh. He released her lips and nibbled. “You should be too tired for this. It's been a busy day.”
Her thighs spread of their own accord. Every molecule of her body begged for a validation he'd stay. “I need you,” she breathed on a sigh, and opened her eyes.
Jacques really was above her, one arm holding him up while the other fought with the tangle of the tee shirt she'd replaced her blouse with after the cops claimed it.
Giggles threatened. “Guess I fell asleep in my clothes.”
Jacques grinned down at her in the semi-darkness. The main source of light was the blue reflection of the giant Qwest building that glowed over the entire downtown every night.
Belle wriggled a little. Poor Jacques with his bum leg was probably having a difficult time. “Let me get out of these things, since you're already naked.”
He rolled off obligingly and lay beside her. “Ah kin wait dat long, ah tink.”
She shivered with delight. His accent was back. She growled playfully and sat up to yank off her shirt. “You know what that accent does to me, don't you, evil man.” She fought with her damp panties.
Jacques reached over and tugged them down. They sailed across the room and landed somewhere in the darkness. “No. Why don' you show me, cher?”
Belle raised an eyebrow and shucked off her tee shirt. She wasn't that experienced at sexual equality, but she knew how to please. “I fully intend to.”
He grinned and reached for her, but she evaded his grasp.
Smiling wickedly, she crawled to the foot of the bed. “And now, me bucko, I'm going to imitate my mother's pirate ancestors and see if I can steal your treasure.”
He chuckled and raised his arms to rest his head on his hands. “Oh? This ought to be interesting. I am at your mercy, lady pirate.” Not in the least put out, Belle swallowed a giggle. “Oh, he laughs. Let's see if you laugh in a minute.”

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