Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blurb Only: Blood And Magic by Lena Austin

There's a link to the excerpt below.

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TITLE:      Blood and Magic [After the Flood 1] by Lena Austin
LIST PRICE:      $6.00    CATEGORY:    Erotica
LENGTH:      55329 words; Reading time: 158-221 minutes
EPUBLISHER:  Aspen Mountain Press  Published: 2009
DESCRIPTION: Kella has lived her life as an outcast, never truly understanding why. Tanne not only gives her answers, but the ability to control her magic, magic so powerful, it could destroy the entire Valley.

Read the excerpt here (Adults only, please: http://www.aspenmou ntainpress.com/excerpt.php?prodId=224

About the Author:
Lena Austin


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