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ADULT Excerpt: Blood And Magic by Lena Austin

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TITLE:      Blood and Magic [After the Flood 1] by Lena Austin
LIST PRICE:      $6.00    CATEGORY:    Erotica
LENGTH:      55329 words; Reading time: 158-221 minutes
EPUBLISHER:  Aspen Mountain Press  Published: 2009
DESCRIPTION: Kella has lived her life as an outcast, never truly understanding why. Tanne not only gives her answers, but the ability to control her magic, magic so powerful, it could destroy the entire Valley.

Read the excerpt here (Adults only, please:

Now, I may indulge in a bath. She shifted to human, and sneaked into the bathing chamber. The effort taken to scrub three days of grime off was well worth the pink skin. Her scalp itched and her hair felt greasy, so that got the same rough treatment.
She was debating whether to be lazy and soak, or go fix a hearty and more conventional meal when Tanne popped into the tub, causing a huge splash. Her sponge went flying, to impact the wall with a wet plop.
Her small shriek of "Tanne!" only amused him and he grabbed for her.
She eluded his grasp with a wicked grin. "Do you want something, handsome?"
"Indeed I do, my fire-haired heroine. Before, if I know you, you take yourself off to the vampires to see if your friends are settled."
Kella giggled and sidestepped another grab. She climbed out of the tub, wet hair dripping and wearing only a smile of pure devilment. "Really, now? Is that so? Well, then, you must catch me!"
She took off running, knowing her pale buttocks flashing beneath streaming hair would act as an enticement. A splash and the sound of pounding feet let her know he was after her, and the game begun.
Giggling wasted breath, but she couldn't help herself as she darted out the cavern entrance and sprinted down the path to the meadow. The point was to be caught, eventually, but make him earn the right to cover her. If she truly wanted escape, she might shift form, but she didn't want that at all. No, indeed.
He tackled her just as they reached the edge of the meadow, and fell together into the grasses and plants that lined the edge.
Tanne's laughter rang out over the meadow startling birds into flight. "Why did you think you could outrun a unicorn?"
Kella bared fangs in a mock snarl while pretending to fight. "I didn't! But you had to earn your rights, or I might be considered wanton!"

http://www.aspenmountainpress. com/excerpt. php?prodId= 224

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