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ADULT MM Excerpt: Berdache by Lena Austin (NWS!!)

WARNING!! Not Work Safe!

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Title: Berdache
Genre/Line: Alternate Sexualities, Paranormal
Author: Lena Austin

Content Warning: M/M and m/f/m
* * * *
With the swiftness of a badger, Red Wolf's hands clamped down on Lizard's arms. The dream-crazed warrior yanked the Berdache to his chest with total disregard for dignity. All Lizard managed was a gasp of surprise before Red Wolf's lips clamped down on his.
Lizard's mouth was open from his gasp, and Red Wolf forced it open further with his tongue. The violent kiss, full of an unspoken need, aroused in Lizard a burning heat. Tongues tangled and fought, each vying for supremacy. Some force in Lizard demanded he not submit, until he was sure it was truly a choice on Red Wolf's part, and not the dream that made him act thus.
With a moan, Red Wolf broke the kiss. "You with your maiden's hair and shaman's skills. You call to me like no other. I don't understand you or the battles you fight, but I know now that you make war with an unseen enemy. It is enough."
Shock made Lizard's eyes fly open wide. No one had ever explained what he did so simply. "Your dream showed you this?"
Red Wolf's hands roamed Lizard's chest, and even brushed a nipple that hardened in response. "Yes, and after I am done exploring what makes you call to me, I will tell you of it." He grinned, looking remarkably like his namesake. "I will see for myself what the differences are."
A hand calloused from holding bow and club tweaked Lizard's nipple none too gently, radiating pain and pleasure through Lizard's body. It was difficult to think, to remain a proud Berdache, when he wanted to lay back and give his body for study. But his chin jerked up. "Shouldn't you ask? I am no slave maiden to humbly submit to your desires without having wishes of my own."
The grin grew sly and Red Wolf's eyes challenged. "Oh, Lizard? And what is it you wish? We can trade, perhaps." His hand moved to brush and play with Lizard's other nipple. "I seem to remember you telling me you wanted this earlier."
"I do. I will show you what it feels like, while you make your decisions. You will abandon your warrior's silence and tell me what it feels like, or, if you cannot manage speech, simply that you like or dislike what I do." Lizard's own hand crept up to mirror all that Red Wolf did.
Red Wolf's eyes slowly became half-lidded. When he gently tweaked one of Lizard's nipples, the same was done to him. "Agreed. It is a bargain."
"Good. We will stop haggling like sharp old women bargaining with the trader." Lizard bent forward and licked the same nipple he'd pinched a moment before. "How does that feel?"
Drawing a shaky breath, Red Wolf seemed to savor the sensation. He swallowed. "Good. Very good. It is now my turn to taste."
He bent and suckled at Lizard's right nipple. Lizard felt himself harden, and begged the beast within for caution. Yet, when he glanced down after Red Wolf withdrew, he saw that he was not the only one whose chodis rose.
He would not ask for all that could be done in pleasuring one another. He would only give what Red Wolf would take, and no more.
"I want to do more, Red Wolf. Things you may not wish to do in return. You will decide." He bent forward to lick and nibble at the firm pectoral muscle, and felt it quiver in response.
"Yesss," Red Wolf hissed. "I will." He swayed, and his eyes shut.
"Let me know when you wish me to stop." Lizard pushed with his head until Red Wolf lay back on the mat.
"I will selfishly allow you all you wish, for now, " Red Wolf moaned. "What you do makes me harder than stone."
Lizard moved down his friend's body until his cheek rested comfortably on Red Wolf's thigh, relishing every muscle and the salt-sweet taste of his skin. His humming agreement made Red Wolf throw back his head and gasp for air.
The loincloth Red Wolf wore was no hindrance to his questing hands and tongue. The scent of pure male filled his nose, and Lizard drank in the heady richness. How much more would Red Wolf allow, he didn't know, but Lizard would take all he could get.
The first delicious lap from the glistening tip of Red Wolf's chodis was as sweet as honey to Lizard's tongue. He restrained himself from sucking it all in and gobbling greedily. This was for Red Wolf's pleasure, not his own.
He was therefore shocked into stillness when he felt Red Wolf's tentative fingers move aside his own loincloth and grasp Lizard's swollen and aching chodis.
"Like this?" Red Wolf whispered, and licked with a tentative tongue.
"Spirits, yes," Lizard moaned.
"Good. Tastes good. Show me more." Red Wolf licked again.
They lay side by side with one knee bent, facing one another's chodis, and Red Wolf mirrored everything Lizard did. Perhaps he did it with less skill, but the effect was the same as if he were a practiced Berdache of many years.
Lizard took Red Wolf's stalk into his mouth and sucked gently. Red Wolf did the same, and managed it well. While still continuing to swallow all of Red Wolf he could, Lizard played with Red Wolf's berries and found himself played with in return.
But when Lizard slid a tentative finger down to caress just below the sack of berries, Red Wolf stiffened. At first, Lizard was concerned he had gone too far and asked for too much, until Red Wolf groaned, and let go of Lizard's hardness to speak. "Lizard, I will release if you continue on that path."
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