Monday, January 4, 2010

My fingers are falling off!

For weeks, the characters of this story refused to talk to me. They wouldn't even tell me their names. Then one day, one of the characters decided he'd blog. A few days later, the quiet and tragic hero decided he would blog as well. Now they won't shut up, even in my dreams. My hands are swollen and painful, but the muse never cares.

Today my muse held me captive most of the afternoon. I was helpless to stop her while she rampaged all over my carefully plotted ideas of how the Hot Flash should go. Without my DH coming in to haul me away to cook dinner, buy propane gas so we don't freeze, and rest, I'd probably be there at my "quiet desk" still.

Today's project: Bedtime Stories-- Ugly Duckling
Word count: over 1600

The sex was phenomenal, and I'll probably dream about it all night. Tomorrow, I may stop long enough to get coffee. This one's running HAWT.

Gawd knows what my crit partners are going to do to me...

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Cynnara Tregarth said...

Write faster. *grins* LMAO

Lena Austin said...

Gee, thanks Cynnie...sheesh! Fact is, I turned in the Bedtime Story. Now I'm finishing the rewrite of The God's Wife.

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