Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Re: [ChangelingPress] Confessions of a Book Pirate (ARTICLE)

This guy tried to justify stealing by saying what e-books are stolen can't be quantified into real numbers. Gee, even I can do the math. I make a minimum of $1.50 on each ebook, and often as much as $3 for the novels. So, if you average it to about $2 a book, it becomes easy to calculate how much I as an author lose. On one particular illegal download site from one --only one-- of the pirates, she had shared well over 200 of my books in one month. So, from that one pirate, I lost $400 in one month. What's so difficult to calculate? And how does he justify the theft? I'm not rich. I'm a retiree on a fixed income trying to keep my home from going into foreclosure. Yeah, $400 a month HURTS. (Grrrr!)

Besides, stealing is stealing. It doesn't matter whether you steal from a company, a rich man, or a poor retiree. Theft doesn't have an "it's okay under these conditions" clause. ;

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ok this was an interesting article. Your thoughts on what the book pirate had to say?
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