Monday, April 13, 2009

Amazon Debacle-- A calm look

My boss M says this:

Sounds like someone's suing Amazon for selling "Adult" media to minors. Wondered how long that would take. Notice they don't ask for age verification anywhere.

Frankly, I don't think Amazon's sales rankings do anything for us anyway. We're Small Press. That's not how people find our books. They're more likely to find them searching by author or title, or by following a line form our -- or your -- website.

Food for thought: Amazon's invested heavily in their own, proprietary, EXPENSIVE ebook reader, which has no other use but to read e-books, and which reads primarily a format which they also own, MobiPocket -- the least user friendly program I have to deal with.

BN, on the other hand, just purchased FictionWise, which offers all their books in Multiformat files to be read on any reader, PDA, cell phone, laptop desktop -- you name it, if it's newer than a Commodore 64, it works. If I were in the mood to buy stocks, I sure wouldn't be buying Amazon...

As for Amazon, well, it works both ways. If they drop our books, they don't make any more money off of our customers. And doesn't seem to have a problem with our content.

Kinda makes you want to go buy a copy of Unicorn Valley at, doesn't it?

M makes a good point. Hit 'em in the wallet. If Amazon doesn't want to sell my books, others do.

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