Monday, October 6, 2008

Why I love Mondays

DH Randy came home early on Thursday, so I had a long weekend with him. Despite the constant masculine "Hey Baby! Have you seen X?" I finished the self-edits for a novel to AMP. (Yay, me!)

Saturday we went over to a rental property my mother owns to finish some roof and ceiling repairs left over from TS Fay. The house is very old, so this meant taking down a lovely plastered ceiling in the second bedroom. Broke our hearts, but the damage was too great to do otherwise. Fortunately, the tenant has been very patient with us now that the roof no longer leaks. That damage was repaired the same weekend she contacted us, but since then we've made an unholy mess in her spare bedroom every weekend while we repaired rafters, removed endless bags of rotten plaster and drywall, etc. It seems like the work is endless.

Yesterday was even busier. I'd promised the guys a meal fit for kings, and I produced one of my better efforts.

Creamy Squash Soup
Soy and Sesame Pork
Cauliflower Supreme
Green Beans with Basil Vinegar
Mocha Ricotta Crème with Coffee for dessert.

Yes, the guys made pigs of themselves. I tried to hoard a bit of the Cauliflower Supreme for my lunch today, but no such luck. Dante has a bloodhound's nose for his favorite dishes. (grumble)

Then we had guests come in the evening after dinner for coffee and a DVD. Dear friends, really. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. However, we forgot about the DVD! Oh, well. Good thing I drank decaf. I was sloshing by bedtime.

Thank goodness it's Monday.


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