Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blue Rose has been handed in!

For well over two years, I've fiddled and worked whenever I could on a story near and dear to my heart I called Blue Rose. Here's the blurb I originally wrote:

The only one not lying is the demon…

Ever read Dante's Inferno? The old boy must have a new nickname-- Pinwheel-- for all the turning over in his grave he's doing. This time the tourists in Hell are a poisoned princess and her two suitor princes, both of whom have secrets of their own. Their guide is not a gentle philosopher-poet, but a sassy demon with his own reasons for being their escort through all nine levels. They have to find the blue rose in the deepest part of Hell and make it into an antidote before the next full moon or the princess dies. Things have changed a little --okay, a lot-- since old Dante made his visit. Hell is timeless, existing in all times simultaneously. Along the way they'll meet the Furies, a little thief named Dodger, a god or two, and step over Satan's chewing gum. They're getting quite an education. This is no morality tale.

Well, it's finally finished and turned in to Aspen Mountain Press. Aspen offered me several advantages I simply couldn't refuse:

1. They have a sterling reputation for treating their authors fairly and paying well.
2. They allowed me a lot of artistic freedom to do some very different interpretations on old myths
3. I got to write the sex when and where I felt it appropriate

Well, to say the least, I'm thrilled. I can't wait for December 12 when Blue Rose finally debuts.


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