Monday, June 2, 2008

What's Up With Lena?

You've probably noticed my silence. I had a good reason. Deadlines. Big deadlines and small ones. Now I can tell you the results-- releases for the next few months.

June - Night Critters 2:Faux Paws releases
July - All Wrapped Up goes to print, and Night Critters: Paws to Heal is part of the Heat Stroke series.
August- Night Critters 3: Bad Fur Day releases

Somewhere in there, M might take pity on a hardworking author to post a little Hot Flash I wrote just for this summer called A Peck of Pickles. I haven't turned it in to my editor yet. My crit partners get first slash and burn at me. LOL!

Anyway, that keeps you up to date on ol' Lena. Now I'd better get to work on Spaceport: Time Bomb. LOL!


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