Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What a Weekend!

Whew! It's been a loooong weekend for me, and a strange one. DH and Dante worked Friday and Saturday, so poor DH Randy had only Sunday to recover. I left him in his recliner to read, watch TV, and eat as he pleased.

Meanwhile, on Sunday my wonderful Mother took Dante and I out to my favorite seafood restaurant, Red Lobster. YUM! We had the scrumptious Peach and Bourbon Scallops for an appetizer, and my taste buds orgasmed on the first bite.

Then we all three trooped over to Jo-Ann's Fabrics for me to spend my birthday money. I bought a great red fabric for me to make a skirt and tank top for myself (that's the red in the pic above), and some dark pine green fabric to make DH another set of sleep pants. I'd made Randy some flannel ones this past winter, and he loves them better than the ones he gets in the stores, but they're so hot right now.

Yes, the summer heat is here in Florida. I just hung my second load of laundry out on my (very green) clothesline, and the humidity is enough to make you sweat in seconds. Normally, I only do one load a day, but yesterday Dante and I spent all our time cleaning out the laundry room and making it into a crafting area.

Imagine a "T" shaped room, where the top portion of the T is very wide. That's my laundry room. The washer and dryer are in the narrow lower portion, but the upper part is one fairly good sized room about 10'x10'. Up until now, Dante and I have been very lazy. We planned on making that part of the laundry area into a crafting area, but things got away from us. We chucked in storage boxes of fabrics and crafting items with no real organization. Needless to say, things became a mess very quickly.

Yesterday, we threw back our shoulders and hauled all that mess out into the Florida room, and pulled out the two layers of nasty orange carpeting leftover from the previous owner. That went straight to the trash! Then we rearranged the shelves, cabinets, and rollaways into a reasonable order. Finally, we went through all those storage boxes and put things where they belonged. Finally, we pulled out the pieces of insulation that had blocked the windows. Ahhh! Light! Air!

I've also just finished watering my garden with the Jerry Baker formulas. Today was the All-Purpose Green Up Tonic. Yes, his formulas are a noxious concoction of odd ingredients, but they work. You have to put them in a 20-gallon hose end sprayer, then spray your foliage at the recommended rate once a week on a rotating basis. For me, this week was the Green Up. Next week will be the Clean Up, which is also a mild (and green) insecticide.

Between Mel Bartholomew's Square Foot Gardening and Jerry Baker, gardening is not a chore. Weeds? I don't have many. Those few I have I can reach down and pull one or two in a moment. The rest don't exist because I use a combination of both techniques. Want to know more? Join me at my other blog, Third Infinity. Sorry, this Depraved Duchess blog is supposed to be about my writing. Third Infinity is where I talk about recipes, gardening, crafting, and pagan things.

I just had to chat a moment about why I haven't written in four long days. Now I'll get back to my writing.

See you there!

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