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It's Out!! Faux Paws has Been Released!!

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Lucky Thornburn, a Faux Paws, or shifter-born who can’t shift, meets a half-angel named Charm. Charm doesn’t need or want his chivalry, but she’s literally trouble on the wing. She wants to renovate her mother’s old house into a home for foster children just like Charm needed as a child before she was adopted. Lucky’s cold-hearted brother wants the same property for a shopping mall, so Lucky joins in Charm’s renovation project in defiance of his brother.
Once Lucky experiences Charm's, well, charms, they become a team anyone would be fool to mess with. But JR isn't going to give up so easily. And Charm? Well, Charm's not going to give up at all. And Lucky's coming right along with her, because he's discovered something with the sexy Nephylum he never thought he'd find -- which just might be enough to sway his nemesis of a brother.
Night Critters 2: Faux PawsLena Austin and Tuesday RichardsAll rights reserved.Copyright ©2008 Lena Austin and Tuesday Richards
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.
The place was halfway to shack status, but he could see the former glory of the old circa 1970 rancher’s sturdy construction. Many vampires loved the homes of the era because there were few windows and the décor often included dark wood trim. From the look of the place, he'd find original stick framing and -- heavens help him --a heat pump furnace. No wonder Charm was cold. Lucky bet himself he'd even find an antique tank water heater. He could hardly wait to bring the house up to code and 21st century comfort. Eagerly, he climbed the porch and knocked politely. Privacy was a real issue with him, and he’d prefer if she let him in.
One white hand reached out around the barely open door, grabbed the front of Lucky's shirt, and dragged him in. Charm's hot mouth locked onto his with the same strength and urgency as her hands. Speaking of her hands, they were bent on getting Lucky out of his clothes by popping buttons and ripping seams.
Not that he planned on arguing. Lucky's brain snapped and popped like bad circuitry before going blank. His hands loosened on his toolboxes and they hit the uncarpeted floor with loud bangs and rattles. Thankfully, the heater worked well enough to chug out a fair dose of heat, and Charm must have set the thermostat to "tropical." Freed of their burdens, Lucky's hands developed minds of their own and sought ways to get Charm out of her laced bodice.
One of her booted feet wrapped around his leg and kicked the door shut. The heat of the room instantly climbed up a notch, and the scent of brewing coffee mixed with the musty odor of old houses. Charm was no slouch about her attempts to relieve him of his white bartending shirt and black jeans. The girl practically whimpered with need, and the clear urgency was a boost to his ego.
He sighed with relief. Apparently, the attraction was mutual, and not the "thank you" fuck he'd first assumed. Her stiff leather bodice laces finally gave way and tender tits softer than clouds fell into his hand. His other hand crept around back to where her long black skirt covered her little round ass, careful not to hurt her wings. Apparently she was naked beneath the thin gauze layers of the skirt.
Good thing Charm was equally dexterous. His jeans hit his ankles, freeing his cock, and her fingers wrapped around the length of him without breaking their mutual tongue tonsillectomy. Her hum of delight heralded long strokes with those delicate fingers and made his head swim.
Meanwhile, Lucky's fingers had finally solved the mystery of her skirt closure, and the gauze joined his jeans on the floor, pooling at their feet. His fingertips then located an incredible second set of lacings. He broke the kiss "What the…?"
Charm's green eyes glowed in the light of the single working track lamp in the beams above them. She grinned and shinnied up his body like a tree nymph, wrapping her long legs around his waist. Before he could blink, she nibbled on his ear lobe. "Leather thong panties. Pull the side strings."
One of his hands automatically reached behind to cup her firm round ass and support her weight on his body. Not that she weighed nearly what he thought. Nephylum had flight bones, pocked with holes to make them lighter and more delicate. Lucky chided himself to remember Nephylum bones broke easily. He'd have to find a way to fuck her without killing her or damaging her wings. Still, he managed to pull one set of the side strings as asked. The leather fell away from her flesh.
Charm wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned backwards until her shoulders touched the scarred wall paneling. The parted leather bodice, resembling the remains of a black jewelry box, held her pearly white breasts. The rose vine tattoos circling her nipples were enough to make his mouth water for a taste. She arched her back upward and presented her breasts like a feast. Two matching pearl nipple rings gleamed in the low light.
Suddenly, Lucky was very hungry for breast meat. Decorated like high-class art, they were a confection he didn't even try to resist. He'd never seen nipple rings on anyone, and surprisingly they were warm to the touch of his tongue. Well, duh! They were attached to a warm body. He flicked them each like a toy for a moment, fascinated, until he couldn't resist the hardened pink nipple beneath the ring.
Charm shivered and gasped. Her hips wriggled until she sank down enough for the head of his cock to caress something hot and hard.
Lucky froze, his lips wrapped around a nipple and ring. His cock twitched, rubbing on the heated substance, which definitely was not part of normal female anatomy. What the hell was it? He let go of the ring and nipple. "Charm? What is my cock rubbing?"
She giggled and moved her hips until the object caressed the head of his cock. "Clit ring."
"You're full of surprises." Lucky resumed his explorations of how Charm's nipple ring and nipple felt in his mouth. "I'll have to see it later. If your clit ring tastes as great as your nipple rings, I could get addicted to body jewelry."
Charm moaned and grabbed a curvy wall sconce light fixture above her head. "We'll discuss body jewelry fantasies later, hmm? Right now, I want your cock buried in me and I don't want to wait any longer." She jerked her body away from his hands and fell onto his cock in one smooth motion. Her black wings flared out in an instinctive move to hold her upright, but all they did was flatten themselves against the dusty paneling.
Lucky blessed his construction job which kept his arms and legs firmly muscled while he lifted cement blocks, engineered I-beams, and heavy load jacks all day long. Thrusting upward with his hips while his hands grabbed and supported a horny Nephylum bent on impaling herself on him was all he could manage. Usually, he preferred a horizontal tango, but then again he’d never had a partner with wings before.
Charm didn't seem to care, and matched him stroke for stroke, using the creaking wall sconce above her head to perform a pull-up maneuver in time with his thrusts. Her decorated nipples hypnotically winked and flashed in the light.
Insanely, he envisioned his cock caressing the sexy clit ring with every stroke up or down, and how the warm metal became slick with her juices. He felt each of their frenzied, intense strokes in slow motion.
Charm, too, moved in slow motion. Her half-shut green eyes bored into his, conveying honest, happy lust. Her lips were red from his kisses, and her mouth parted slightly as she panted. Even the sheen of her wings flicked in fiery colors in the half-light on the wall. All in all, she looked like one of the butterfly specimens JR kept in his collection, displayed like art objects instead of beautiful living things.
His heart resolved to protect her from his brother. JR could be horribly ruthless when he decided on a path, and Lucky had been in his way often enough to know how easy it was to get mowed down by JR's single-minded drive to his goals. If, as Charm said, JR had been harassing her, he wanted her home for some as yet undetermined reason. Lucky wouldn't let it happen to Charm.

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