Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kidnapped by My Characters

Help! I've been kidnapped by my characters!

I'm supposed to be writing "Bad Fur Day" for Changeling Press. I love the Night Critters Series. I really do! Writing with my adopted daughter Tuesday has been both a pleasure and a pain, but that's to be expected. After all, she's as nutty as I am and just as obsessive-compulsive. We're bound to clash now and then.

However, I did not expect my Muse to be a rude interrupting brat. Twice in one week she has interrupted my writing by deciding that I needed to write Hot Flashes. The first, tentatively titled "A Peck of Pickles" is a male-to-male menage a trois. Can we say ambitious? I knew you could. I never expected those characters to run away with me in tow for 11 bloody pages in one day. Which is why I'm now using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the next week while my hands recover. No problem. That's why I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking, isn't it?

But then, just when it was safe to return to what I was supposed to be doing, my Muse made another left turn last night. I can blame my husband and his best friend for this one. "Sea Stories" was their suggestion, based on my gales of laughter at the many stories they tell me of their days in the Navy. How could I not write these hilarious misadventures? I hope they know I do have to turn the characters gay...

Somehow, I remain grateful that my Muse has reactivated after my long illness. She may drive me crazy, but I love every minute of it.


Jordan said...

I hope Naturally Speaking lets you wring a little more wordcount out of your day! I got iListen (mac) but I find I don't write the same when I dictate. (I also don't write quite the same longhand, but not in a bad way.) Still, I do drag out the software and have a go at it every now and then, even though it seems to fritter away more time than it saves. I guess it's comforting to know that if I broke my hand, it would be an option. (Oh, and there was that weird repetitive stress injury I had in my thumb last Fall, I think from mousing too hard. Would've been nice to have it then!)

~Jordan Castillo Price

Lena Austin said...

Thanks, Jordan! Yes, Dragon lets me do more when my hands erupt from a combination of carpal tunnel and tendinitis. OUCH!

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