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Featured Excerpt: Silk Panties by Celia Kyle

Silk Panties by Celia Kyle

Excerpt #2
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Lisa wanted to dance, scream, and shout when she heard Jonathan's answer. She really wanted to do the running man and cabbage patch, but was pretty sure it would ruin the moment. Especially considering Jonathan was looking all serious and staring at her lips.

He closed the gap between them, his lips hovered millimeters from hers and she held her breath, waiting for his touch. That first brush of his skin against her sensitive lips sent tiny shivers through her body, settling in her core. Her body tensed and strained towards his, craving more. And that was only a teasing taste, a glimpse at what he could draw from her. He pressed a soft open-mouthed kiss to her mouth, flicking the seam of her lips with his tongue.
The next time he pressed against her mouth, she returned the favor. Her tongue snuck out and slid against his and she got her first taste of him. She went back for more. Their tongues danced as she searched out more of his taste, relishing the warm moist cavern of his mouth.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and arched her body into his, moaning when they aligned. His erection pressed like a hot steel rod into her abdomen. She rocked her hips against his pulling a groan from his body in return. Their lips and tongues continued their fight for dominance until he wrenched away from her, resting his head against the door.

Lisa slid down his chest until her feet rested firmly against the floor and she sagged against him, ear pressed to his chest. She could hear the rapid thump of his heart and the deep breaths puffing in and out of his longs. Her hand slid down his neck, past his shoulder to rest on his chest. Her fingers stroked the muscle of his pectoral through his thin cotton dress shirt until a tiny nipple pressed against her palm. Using her fingernail, she scraped it with one slow swipe.

"Oh, baby." Jonathan moaned, placing his hand over hers, stilling her movement.
She snatched her hands away, clasping them behind her. "Did I do it wrong?"

Lisa hated the hesitation and uncertainty in her voice, but she couldn't make the feelings disappear. She didn't know what she was doing! She'd only ever been with Mick, and if she were with him they'd be through by now. She never had to seduce her ex. If he wanted sex, he rolled on top of her and they had sex. After many conversations with Rochelle, Lisa learned that sex was more than having someone roll on top of a person and pump. A lot more.

Jonathan stroked her arms, goose bumps rose on her skin in his wake. He tugged her hands from behind her and brought her fingers to his mouth, pressing soft kisses to the tips. "No, you did it right. Very, very right."

Relieved, Lisa allowed him to pull her toward the bed in the corner of the room. Once there, she didn't protest when he sat and pulled her between his knees. Seconds passed as they stared at one another and Lisa didn't know what to do. It was usually over by now and they'd both be asleep. Okay, he'd be asleep and she'd be washing up, but the main event would be long past at this point. What was taking him so long?

"Lisa, you sure about this?"

Why? Why did she have to get the one guy in the world who seemed to have a conscience? "I'm very, very sure." There. That was good, right?

"You seem nervous, Lisa, I don't…" Lisa pressed her fingers to his lips, stilling any further assurances from him.

"I'm nervous because…" she swallowed hard. He might tell her to get out after he heard of her experience. "I've only ever been with one other guy and, well, he cheated. I'm not sure how good I'll be. If you want me to go…"

It was Jonathan's turn to shut her up. "Hell no! You're perfect. Every inch of you is perfect and I can't wait to slide between your thighs. I just don't want you to regret being with me."

She raised an eyebrow at him, snickering. "Don't worry. I'll respect you in the morning."


Leaning forward, she brushed her lips across his, the now familiar shivers slid down her spine. "Yeah."

Words weren't necessary any longer. Jonathan took control. He stood and turned her around, easing her to the bed.

Once she was lying on the queen-size mattress, he began undressing her. Jonathan took little time divesting her of her top. A quick tug on the tie around her neck and back and the chiffon confection was gone. Lisa helped him with her skirt, sliding the zipper down, and he tugged the mostly spandex piece of cloth from her hips and down her legs.

Now, in nothing but her pink silk panties, she waited. The whole experience was so far out of her realm, she wasn't sure what to do next.

"Now that is a beautiful sight." Embarrassed, she covered her breasts. Well, as much of her breasts as she could cover. He wasn't having it. "No, baby. I want to see you."

When he tugged on her wrists, she released her hold, feeling the now familiar heat of her blush traveling up her chest. Nibbling her lip, she turned her head and stared at the white wall.

Jonathan's finger stroking her chin had her turning to face him. "No need to be embarrassed, Lisa. You are so…" his fingers slid over her left breast, circling her nipple, "so beautiful."

Hearing it from Jonathan, she almost believed him. She almost believed that her curves weren't her worst asset, but her best.

Relaxing, she arched into his palm when he squeezed her breast, aching for more. He kneaded them, alternating between the left and right, stopping to pinch and pull at her nipples. Lisa couldn't get enough. Arousal burned hot through her system, pushing her to do things she'd never imagined. Like beg. "Please."

Jonathan leaned down, capturing her breast with his mouth and sucking long and hard.
He released her nipple with a pop. "Please what, baby?"

He skimmed her abdomen, palms stroking and touching her everywhere at once. She started when he slipped his fingers beneath the elastic of her panties and held her breath, waiting for him to move.

Instead of pulling them off, he tormented her. Jonathan traced the lines of her panties, from hip to inner-thigh and back again. His teasing caresses only proved to heighten her arousal further. Her pussy clenched and more of her juices dripped from her, coating her labia. She knew she had probably soaked through the silk confection covering her mons, but she didn't care. Every thought flitting through her mind centered on Jonathan and his teasing fingers.

Finally, he hooked his fingers around the elastic and tugged her silk panties over her hips, down her thighs and along her calves before removing them entirely. After having brought her legs together so he could remove her panties, Lisa was hesitant to reveal herself to him fully.

He gripped her ankles, hands skimming her freshly waxed legs as he rose higher. Lisa's heart slammed in her chest, harder and faster with each rising inch. When he came to her upper thighs, she pressed them together, unwilling to reveal everything.


She nibbled her lower lip. Mick hadn't… No one had… "Um…" She made a strangled sound, somewhere between a whine and a growl. "No one's ever…"

Jonathan gifted her with a crooked smirk. Something masculine and primal lurking in his eyes as he pried her legs open. "You'll love it, baby. Open for me, now."

His demand had come too late. Like the wanton slut he'd turned her into, she relaxed into his grasp, thighs spreading, giving him access to everything.

Lisa hoped he liked what he saw. She'd spent a pretty penny getting waxed and plucked at the salon in preparation for her one-night stand. Her labia were bare while her mound still had a smidge of hair up top. She'd walked in with a bush and walked out decidedly lighter. She wanted to be smooth, but hadn't wanted to look like a prepubescent child.

The woman at the salon had worked magic. It sounded as if Jonathan agreed.

"Damn, baby. You're gorgeous."

She laughed, she couldn't help it. The man had said her pussy was gorgeous. Wrinkly, maybe. Gorgeous? Not hardly.

"Are you disagreeing with me?" He quirked his brow at her and her laughter doubled. In response, he pounced.

Jonathan buried his face in between her legs, tongue aiming straight for her clit as he devoured her. He lapped at her nether lips, first licking a path up one side and down the other before focusing on her clit once again. Almost as if her were cleaning Lisa of her juices and at the same time, causing more to leak from her pussy. Arousal spiked through her blood, heart pumping and breath billowing out of her lungs as she tried to follow
Jonathan's path in her mind.

She rocked her hips in time with his licks, aching for more contact. Each time he strayed from her clit, she whimpered. Each time he ventured back, she groaned. It wasn't long before she realized he was doing it all on purpose. He teased her, but hadn't yet brought her close to the brink. Each moment, her orgasm was delayed, her arousal seemed to gain strength.

Tangling her fingers in his hair, she tugged until his eyes met hers. "Make me come, Jonathan. Please?"

She did it, she begged. At this point, all she wanted to do was come. Now. Then again, later. But now would be good. The man had the audacity to smile at her again before sticking his tongue out, the nubile muscle formed a pointed tip and he kept his gaze locked on hers as he flicked her clit.

Lisa's eyes drifted close as his attentions focused on the tiny nubbin. So close, yet so far.

Then, oh God, then his fingers joined his tongue. He slipped first one and then two into her pussy, their path eased by her abundant cream. Her muscles clenched and tightened around the invasion and she moaned in response.

Jonathan began tapping her clit with his tongue in time with the thrust of his fingers. Her orgasm began spiraling out of control, and before she could grasp it and hold the rush of pleasure back, he did something unexpected. He touched her in a place she thought had only existed in dreams and Cosmo magazines.

Buy it NOW from Aspen Mountain Press!

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