Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Simplifying One's Life isn't Simple

The time has come. I suddenly realized over the weekend how stressed I was trying to manage SEVEN blogs. Seven! All I did was cut and paste the same messages in three places for three different parts of my life. I maintained three "professional" blogs, two pagan blogs, one Martha Stewart-ish blog, and one anonymous blog for when I needed to fuss. How ridiculous is that?

Worse, I was also frustrated with my website. My domain name registry was up for renewal, which is also my reminder that I'd soon get a $70 bill from my web host. $90 a year for a website I can't even maintain on my own, and have to prevail upon the good will of more knowledgeable persons to even update. The only reason I kept it was because it was searchable, and blogs aren't.

Or, so I thought. I've since learned there is an alternative to all this insane mess: WordPress. Moreover, this system can link via RSS feeds to Blogger. How convenient! Thanks to Celia Kyle, WordPress guru and cool author, I'll soon have a one-stop shopping website that is searchable as long as I keep my domain name. That, I can do!

So, I'm dropping MySpace, LiveJournal, and Yahoo360 and going purely to Blogger and WordPress. Simple and easy to update without having to have special programs or understand the arcane language of HTML. I can hardly wait.


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