Friday, June 25, 2010

My Birthday Tomorrow

I hate surprises. Really. It probably stems back from some long ago incident where I was traumatized by a "surprise." Doesn't matter. What matters is the now, and the future.

Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, I have a new sewing machine. My Brother SE-400 (See it HERE) is one of the coolest machines in the "inexpensive" range for sewing/embroidery combo machines. Right now, I'm still at the stage of getting comfortable with the "normal" stitches, like basting, running, and blanket. Later, I'll play with the embroidery feature. Step by step is the plan.

Speaking of plans, I hope my readers will forgive a small delay in the release of Dire Wolves: Silence. Bloody characters won't shut up. I'm over 20K in words! This is insane. KK's going to kill me. I will finish. This story is too fun, but I won't just kill off the villain before the conclusion to give myself a shortcut. Please, forgive me?

Lena the Birthday Girl

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