Sunday, September 14, 2008

A new Review for Deadly Sins: Pride from Bitten by Books

One of seven Deadly Sins stories written by different authors based around the same legend, Lena Austin writes another well rounded story that defies conventional appeal and combines a wonderful story with an eroticism fans of M/M will appreciate. The Legend of the Agrippa is fascinating as is the unexpected twists that add their own flavor to the greatest and sometimes most misfortunate families of the age that have both benefited and paid for the Agrippa in their care. Grip adds a fantastic touch of humor to this tale of romance, mystery, eroticism, and history and I thoroughly enjoyed his input into this story. All in all another brilliant tale from Lena Austin, Deadly Sins: Pride combines good characters, a remarkable premise, and enough eroticism for fans of M/M to enjoy without that being the only aspect of this story that is well done. I can’t wait to find out what the other authors in this series did with their own stories, because Lena Austin has definitely done a good job of making you want to read more of the Agrippa Families and how their lives have been touched by the spell books in their care.

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My thanks to Sarai for this lovely review!!


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