Thursday, September 18, 2008

More on Blurbs

This same logic applies equally to SALES. Blurbs are sales pitches. They need to shout "Here I am! LOOK AT ME!" -- not try to condense the entire story into 100 words.

Turn on your favorite radio station. Listen to commercials until you find one that makes you want to try a product and try to analyze what caught your attention. You have about 10 seconds to catch a listeners attention. The first line needs to hit hard and make you want to keep listening.

Almost all our readers have one thing in common -- they're here for the sexy guy. Keep your eye on the target -- the reader's attention. Which would you keep reading --

"Park Ranger Jason Ward spends his days checking tourists into camp sites..."
"Ranger Jason Ward's had a hard day. Three dead bodies, one drop dead gorgeous suspect, and..."
What you need to do is make your blurb as catch as you can. Off the record, when a reviewer gets the listing of books available for review, there may or may not be an image on the email, there will be a list of titles and authors and publisher and blurb. that's it. and it's a list. or a group of emails. Unless you earn a reviewer fan, your blurb needs to rock it to get attention. NOW your blurb could rock but the reviewer already has their alotted amount of books to review and blah blah blah blah blah

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