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Writing Lessons-- Take My Ass Anal Play

Take My Ass! Sexologist Donna Powell gives you a guide to anal sex and the greatest orgasms your woman will ever experience! – From Voluptuous XL, Special #70

Some couples would rather drink goat sweat than try anal sex. Others enjoy an occasional rectal soiree. Anal sex is often associated with homosexuality, hence an inherent stigma. However, according to various statistics, 40 percent of all heterosexual couples have tried anal sex, with up to half of these continuing to do it on an occasional basis.
Does it hurt?
Does it feel good?
Can a woman have an orgasm taking the big boy anally?
The answers?
Yes, yes and oh yes!
Yes, it will be painful if a lubricant isn’t used properly.
Yes, it feels good.
And, yes, a woman can have an orgasm, and the strongest, longest-lasting, most ecstatic orgasm she’s ever had! In fact, according to most who have, once she’s had an orgasm via the unabridged butt-fuck, she’s going to be hooked on it for life! There quite simply is no other human connection that can bring a woman such unadulterated bliss as being fucked up the backside in the right way.
So, what is the right way?
That’s what you’re going to learn about as you continue reading.
The human asshole is virtually filled with lots of sensitive nerve receptors. The wall between her pussy and rectum swells when a woman is sexually aroused which, in turn, tugs on the same nerve that transmits G-spot orgasms to the brain. As a result, women will receive ecstatic sensations between the rectum and cunt during anal sex that they never get otherwise. The stimulation she gets during anal sex tugs on that nerve also. The result is a really-mind-blowing and cunt-throbbing orgasm, one that seems to bring her asshole and clit together in a climax to end all climaxes, both in sheer power of its spasms and in lasting strength.
Why all the enthusiasm? (Do I sound like a used car salesman?) Well, it’s because I was a non-believer in the power of anal sex to even bring me an orgasm, let along the strongest, longest-lasting climax I’ve ever had in my life! I really thought anal sex was just a pain in the ass that men liked and that women were forced now and then to endure.
Was I ever wrong!
But, it can be that. It can be merely a pain in the ass if it isn’t done in the right way. And, that “right way” is the secret between backside pain and backside bliss. If a guy merely sticks his erect cock up your bum and expects you to love it, no way! He has to pave the way first. He has to prepare your butt well before the onslaught of his hard prick can bring you the pleasure I’ve promised.
How does he do that? Rectal expert Erik Mainard – known as the Avatar of the Ass – has the formula down pat. He tells you to gently massage her asshole with a well-lubricated finger and to angle it upwards toward the tail bone (which is the way the rectum curves). If you’re going to try anal sex, and please do, Erik Mainard tells you to train the rectal sphincters (muscles) to relax by shoving a lubed finger up a female’s rear very gently and slowly every night for a week. (We told you it takes preparation, but it’ll be well worth the effort.) He also suggests that she use her own finger, for instance, when in the shower, so she can get a better sense of how the sphincter works (AKA digital-rectal bonding).
This preparation is very necessary. It’s the difference between sheer ecstasy and a bad pain in the ass. And, it doesn’t take a week for some women. But, as a general rule, that’s the case. It only takes a minute or so a day. A lubed finger gently slipped into her asshole for several days prior to shoving your prick in is all it takes.
Let’s you that you’ve “prepared” her the right way and you’re ready now to take the plunge. Her asshole is conditioned and ready for your prick.
Okay. Unless you’ve spent the last 15 years on the dark side of the moon, you’ll wear a condom, and you’ll lube it with a non-petroleum-based lubricant like Astroglide or K-Y jelly. You’re ready. She’s aroused and ready. Slowly, ever so slowly, you slip it in to the hilt and leave it there for about a full minute or so. (This conditions her emotionally and gets her used to something larger than a finger inside her.)
Now, slowly, ever so slowly, pull it out until only the head is buried. Then, in again, less slowly, stay there for about half a minute, and then slowly pull out about half way. Now, you’re ready to butt-fuck! Don’t begin with fast or hard lunges (especially on your “out” moves). But, within about two minutes, you can establish a fairly fast and hard thrusting rhythm.
You can tell when she’s ready for you to drive it into her really hard and fast. She’ll suddenly begin breathing hard and rear up as if she wants more. That’s your cue. Drive it in fast, hard and furious (it won’t hurt her at all if you’ve properly conditioned her with a finger). And, after a few minutes, she’ll lapse into a really thrilling orgasm, the most pleasurable and longest-lasting she’s ever experienced. You’ll feel its spasms clearly and her sphincter muscles will clamp really hard on your plunging cock.
I suppose there will be exceptions. A few women may only enjoy the feeling of building pressure and fail to climax. But, in my personal experience, every female I’ve ever told about this “preparation” method has had the most mind-blowing orgasms ever – even those who have a hard time achieving an ordinary clitoral orgasm. If she’s one of those who fails to cum, try having her stimulate her clitoris with a vibrator or a finger at the same time you’re banging her bum.
Now that I’ve got your interest, I’m going to turn you into a consummate asshole lover. I’m going to suggest some ways you can make passionate love to her entire backside and its adjacent area. And, she’ll certainly love you for it!
Have her lay on her stomach and prop some pillows beneath her pelvis. Then, begin licking her entire backside slowly and lovingly for at least five minutes. Next, insert your finger into her pussy and begin, at the same time, licking her asshole. Don’t worry, the human asshole, after a soapy shower, is more free of bacteria than the mouth – you’ll get less germs than if you kissed her. Lick it really lovingly and form a U-shaped tool with your tongue and try to insert it a little. She’ll squirm with pleasure. This is an ideal form of foreplay for you to use before you shove it in. It’s soothing and relaxing and it further prepares her sphincters for your prick.
Curiously, many females who are not particularly turned on by breast-play or nipple manipulation during foreplay will find their tits extremely sensitive and receptive to such attentions during anal sex.
One of the most exciting and successful forms of anal sex consists of deep, slow thrusting with simultaneous nipple manipulation while the female employs either a vibrator or a finger against her clitoris.
As for hygiene, the only care that should be taken during anal sex (outside of slow, genital penetration) is the simple, sanitary expedient of washing the penis before using it again for vaginal insertion – otherwise, vaginitus (inflammation of the vagina) may result.
Just as most females can achieve orgasm through the pleasure-transmitting frictions of anal penetration, similarly, due to the profusion of nerve-ends all through the buttocks, spanking can sometimes transmit orgasmic pleasure in many females (and in some males).
Nerve-ends are stimulated by the smacks of a hand or a belt and reflexive shock-waves are ecstatically received by the clitoris. Pleasure achieved through this sort of pain is as non-perverted and normal as pleasure achieved during ordinary coitus. The fun of fucking (for a female) resides in the pleasure felt in the vagina and clitoris: spanking sometimes provides that same pleasure for many females. Pain becomes the pleasure-transmitter instead of a penis. Thus, ironically, a “pain in the ass” may engender pleasure in the cunt. It’s actually that simple.
Every female has her own best position for anal sex. It may require a bit of patient experimenting to determine which posture she should assume for the easiest and most pleasurable penetration.
Bending forward while standing and placing the hands on a low stool or coffee table causes a spreading of the buttocks and a corresponding opening of the anus which some females find favorable.
Doggy style also spreads her cheeks and tends to loosen her asshole, allowing for excellent leverage and possibly the deepest penetration of any position.
Many females enjoy anal sex in the same position they enjoy vaginal sex – lying on their backs with their legs high and with their buttocks propped on pillows.
Another effective anal sex position for some couples is for the female to lie over a table with her feet spread wide on the floor.
Some females might prefer to merely recline on their backs and hug their knees up while her man enters her backside.
A marvelous and extraordinarily thrilling method is for the female to straddle the reclining male and literally sit on his penis. This method allows the female complete control as to the depth and speed of penetration, thereby allowing her to control the tempo and resulting climax.
Notwithstanding the extremely pleasurable aspects of fucking her up the bum, she’ll think you’re really a complete, considerate lover if you take the time and effort (not much) to prepare her. It’s a form of flattery that can’t be surpassed. “There he is, making love to that nasty part of me, showing me there’s no single part of me that he doesn’t love,” is what she’s bound to think. And, it’s likely she’ll want to return the favor by various kinds of asshole attentions that she gives to you.
The male has what amounts to a clitoris in his asshole, the prostate gland, and stimulation of that sensitive gland can be nothing less than ecstatic to most men, it if is contacted in the right way. A vibrator or a finger can be used, but not like the doctor uses his finger to examine your prostate. Slowly and gently does it. The nerve pathway from the penis to the brain runs through the rectum. One large bundle is located beneath the prostate.
Another reason why an anal-assisted orgasm feels deeper is because the nerve that transmits sensations from the bladder to the brain is getting stimulated.
Another suggestion for having a good time in her bum is if she occasionally contracts her upper thigh muscles. This will work to massage your buried cock marvelously and your woman will receive the same ecstatic sensations. This can even make it unnecessary for you to thrust in and out.
IF you like the thought of fucking her up the bum, chances are you like to watch anal sex videos. In her book, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, Tristan Taormino warns that anal intercourse requires a lot of preparation and a slow, relaxed approach. This is the part that anal sex videos leave out.
Even when making XXX-rated movies, they don’t just go plowing into some porn starlet’s rear without lots of preparation and anal foreplay – none of which the viewer actually sees in the video. So, while it’s fine to enjoy all the hot action in Anal Invaders Number Six Million and Thirty-Two, don’t for a moment try to replicate it in real life with a real partner, unless she’s inflatable and has a polyurethane asshole. No matter what you are putting into a rear-end, it needs to go in very slowly and come out even more slowly. Most people have no difficulty grasping the former, but they fail to realize that anything pulled out of an asshole, whether it’s a finger, penis, or vibrator, needs to be pulled out just as slowly as it went in.
One of the most sensitive parts of the human body is the skin that surrounds the outer rim of the asshole. It’s easy to stimulate this area with a thumb, finger, tongue, or vibrator without sticking a penis in at all. Lots of women who are receiving vaginal stimulation greatly enjoy it when their partner puts light to medium pressure on their anus with a thumb, finger, and especially a vibrator. This is also an extremely good way to prepare her asshole for later entrance.
Anal beads consist of several beads on a strong. Each bead is held in place on the string so it doesn’t slide. When inserted up the bum, and slowly pulled out at climax, they really make her kick-ass orgasm feel even more intense. Anal beads can be as small as moth-balls or as big as golf-balls. She can use them when she masturbates, and she can obviously even use them on you – have her slowly pull them out of your anus when you cum.
Instead of simply sticking a finger straight into your partner’s asshole, rest the pad of your finger over the puckered opening. Massage gently. Eventually, slide the tip of your finger in, assuming it is well lubed. Make sure she’s thoroughly aroused in other parts of her body before knocking on the back door.
One of the keys to blissful anal sex is having her entire body relaxed and receptive. Tell her not to hold her breath. Breathing deeply will help her stay relaxed.
Once you get your finger, penis, vibrator, or whatever inside her rear-end, don’t start thrusting with it. Leave it in place and gently start making circular motions. If and when she wants you to start thrusting, pull out slowly, and as far as possible, add more lube. Then, you can start thrusting slowly. A woman might like her clit being massaged at the same time she is having anal sex, as it will extend the feeling throughout her pelvis. Or, maybe not. Ask and see. Using a latex glove helps fingers slide in more smoothly; using a condom helps a penis thrust more smoothly. If you get into enemas as part of anal sex, use plain tap water and make sure it’s not too cold, unless she truly enjoys experiencing the cramps.
As I’ve emphasized, the main thrust of any kind of anal action is preparation. If you properly prepare her asshole for several days before you sink it in slowly, she’s going to love it. This is the one big difference between pain and pleasure for her: preparation. It’s not a big thing, either. A minute or so for several days (to a week) with a well-lubed finger is all it takes.
Some experts say that asshole penetration can become addictive to a female. It’s not hard to understand why. The connection can not only cause her to achieve longer and more explosive climaxes, she is also relived of the need to use contraceptives (a major cause of PMS) and her period no longer interferes with her fun. She (and her guy) can also be inclined to feel that her posterior preference sets her apart from peers whose sexual performance is strictly up front. She feels that she and her male are bonded in a merger that brings them a special (and secret) brand of bliss. There is little doubt that it is this difference that is currently making all kinds of backside play so popular.
Change is the name of the game when it comes to satisfying sex, and certainly a female’s asshole offers you guys plenty of passionate possibilities for variety and change.

Note from Lena: What makes you think guys are any different in the anal play department? That's where THEIR G-spot is!

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