Sunday, August 17, 2008

Announcement: Self Edits Coming

Starting tomorrow, 08/18/08, I will begin the lengthy section on Self-Editing.

There are so many simple things an author can do to avoid annoying an editor, whether it be the submissions editor of a publisher or one's own personal editor.

The most common is, of course, Spell Check/Grammar Check. I cannot believe how many times I've seen a first draft sent to me as a published author for my assessment, and it wasn't even spell-checked! Gimme a break!

Another error easily corrected but not often caught by Spell Check is homynyms. Words that sound alike, but have different meanings such as: They're, Their, and There. Learn them.

Finally, my personal pet peeve is when someone types "a lot" as "alot." Excuse me? Are you out of high school? Get it right! It's two words, and lazy phrasing at best. How many? A lot. How about counting? You can do that, right?

More on this as we proceed.

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