Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's Lena Up To?

What I'm Writing Now:

Well, I'm happy to report I'm nearly done with Spaceport: Time Bomb. It's turned out to be more of an action-adventure than my usual works. In fact, the Muse has held me by the throat and refuses to even let me write the sex scenes so integral to a Changeling Press story! They're there, all notated and ready, but the Muse insisted she wanted the action done first, all the way to the conclusion before she'd allow me to write the intimate details. I sniffled and grabbed tissue while I wrote the Black Moment yesterday, and drew a howl of protest from Dante when he gave it a fast read. "Lena!! How dare you! That's just rotten!" (Hehehehe...I love it when he's disturbed by what I write.)

Coming Very Soon:

I have two stories due for release. Both will be from Changeling Press, so stand by!

1. Night Critters 3: Bad Fur Day -- (Due to release in early August) This was such fun to write! Who'd have thought I could ever make a Foo-Dog into a hero and pair him with one of my quirky were-critter crosses? Well, I did! This wraps the trilogy, but I plan to re-visit this world as soon as I can! It's too much fun!

2. A Peck of Pickles -- Like the title? I loved it. Yes, it's m/m/m. I don't know when this one will be released. It's a Hot Flash, so it's dependent on when M gets a wild hair on and decides she needs to shake things up a bit in the release lineup. It's amazing the secrets people keep in small towns, isn't it? (grin)

What's next?:

I'm on a sexual vacation! Okay, not really. I'm writing a fantasy/paranormal/comedy called The Blue Rose for Aspen Mountain Press. This one has sex a-plenty, but I've wanted to write this novel for years. Yes, I typed years. So, I'm taking a break from pumping out novellas and Hot Flashes to finally get this one done. It's based on "The Inferno" and I'll bet old Dante Alighieri is doing a pinwheel routine in his grave. Not that I blame him. (evil laughter) I can't wait!

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