Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Last Minute Lucy

Want to annoy me? Be late. I hate late. Once in awhile, we're all delayed, but have you ever noticed some people seem to make a habit of it? Then, suddenly they make it your problem too. You're on time to be with them, and they aren't ready, so now you're both late to an event. I had a friend who considered it a point of pride to arrive at the exact moment or up to ten minutes late to everything, even her own wedding. She tried pulling that rudeness on me twice. The third time, I drove off and left her still putting on her mascara. I'd said I'd drive off at 7, and I meant it. You have to draw the line, and I put a big old black Sharpie line on the sidewalk at making me late. Funny thing, after that I could guarantee my friend would be ready on time for me.

Some editors I had long ago had that problem. If I turn in a finished manuscript three months or more in advance, I expect the courtesy of an edit within a reasonable period of time before release. What if there are needed changes? What if the edits arrive when I'm about to leave for a weekend getaway with my DH? Uh, sorry. He's more important in my life.

Right now, I have the best editor in KK, my editor at Changeling Press. I adore her. She's strong enough in her skills to kick my butt and make me like it. My work is always stronger after she's done and I've been a good girl enough to do as she said. This week is all about the edits she gave me last week. I'm working my butt off for her because she's earned my respect. She's also rarely late. Often she's early, bless her hardworking fingers.

Why am I praising her right now? Because I'm sure my work on Faux Paws is better because of her. It releases in late June, and I already have my edits in hand. Now that's efficient.

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