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X-rated Excerpt: Dragon's Mate 1: Affairs of Dragons by Lena Austin

Dragon's Mate 1: Affairs of Dragons
by Lena Austin


Never meddle in the affairs of dragons…

For over a century, Jon's village has sacrificed a virgin to the dragon who
lives in the mountain. This time, when they find Jon in a compromising position
with a traveling player, Jon's the new sacrifice!

Patch really isn't fond of the taste of human flesh. He's enjoyed sending the
virgin sacrifices off to start their new lives. But when he sees Jon beaten and
trussed to the rock outside his cave, he decides he may just keep this sacrifice
around -- as his mate.


 Again, the human hung his head and hunched his shoulders. "You shouldn't indulge me in my sins. I should not corrupt so beautiful a creature as you with my evil ways. " He reached for the wet remains of his pants. "I should go. Healers and dragons aren't for the likes of me."

"What nonsense is this? What is a sin?" Patch frowned, not understanding the problem. He cocked his head to one side. "Don't you like making sex?"

Jon tried to crawl out of the pool , but without both legs, he could not do more than scramble futilely. One bubble of the soapweed foam slid slowly toward his eye, so he took a moment to duck his head and rinse off. "I liked it very much! That's the problem. The priests say it's a sin for two men to… to… um…"

"Fuck?" Patch supplied the word politely. He tilted his head to one side and squeezed a bit of soapweed into his hand before lathering up. It did feel wonderful, and he reached up with both hands to give his head a good rubbing.

The human moaned and half-shut his eyes. Even his breathing quickened, and once more his tongue flicked out. Goodness, humans certainly knew how to be sexy beasts, for all they lacked scales and wings to flex. "Patch, you have no idea how sexy you are when you stretch up like that and display…"

Patch froze with foam running down his cheek. "Really? Isn't that odd! I thought you were being deliberately provocative, flicking your tongue at me. I've no doubt if you had a tail, the tip would be as erect as your cock, and then you'd be as sexy as any dragon whose company I might enjoy." Patch longed to show Jon what an erect tail could do. "Are you sure I can't persuade you?"

Jon swallowed and trembled for a moment on the lip of the pool before sliding back into the water. His lips twisted upward, but he didn't bare his teeth in aggression. "Well, truth be told, I was given to you as a gift and sacrifice." He bowed his head in submission and looked up at Patch. "I'm yours to do with as you will."

"Oh, there will be none of that!" Patch waded over and lifted Jon's chin until they could see each other eye-to-eye and nose-to-nose. "We dragons do not enslave others and, as a matter of fact, it is said human flesh isn't very tasty. I wouldn't know, of course. You'll be my first."

The soft, earth-brown eyes of the human widened. In fact, now that the healing waters were working their magick on him, he was turning out to be a ruggedly handsome fellow, long of limb and lean of flesh except for his chest and arms. Those were well developed, almost as muscular as a dragon's flight muscles. However, Jon seemed as startled as a deer before a stooping dragon. "First lover? Ever?"

The snort of laughter burst from Patch before he could stop it. He pressed his lips together to keep from laughing aloud. "No! First human, of course." He ducked his own head a bit. "I feel very naughty to step outside my species, but you are compellingly… different."

"And you are incredibly beautiful as a man." Jon lifted a few strands of Patch's hair. "Thank you for healing my sight. I wish I'd been able to see you as a dragon. I'll bet you're magnificent. But for the nonce, I'll just enjoy staring into your fireball eyes. They're strange… and…" His speech slurred, and he stopped speaking, looking as if he'd fall asleep there in the water.

Uh-oh. Patch blinked quickly. The human had fallen under the hypnotic spell cast by every dragon's eyes -- a trick some ancestor had learned to soothe his prey before consuming it.

Jon matched the blink and straightened his spine. "Sorry. I didn't get much sleep last night, I don't think." He squared his shoulders. "I'd love to be your first human, Patch, and I'd love to… um…" The human's face flushed red with warmth.

"Taste a dragon?" Patch offered. He hefted himself to a flat granite rock on the rim of the pool and spread his legs. A wicked plan formed in his mind. He lay on his side, still presenting his cock for sucking as well as his whole body. Dragons fucked on the wing high above the mountaintops, but since a poor human would suffocate in the thin air, such a mating was not possible. Perhaps there was another way?

For his part, Jon stepped forward eagerly and grasped Patch's hardened cock with a sure grip. His large brown eyes twinkled with good humor and lust. "This I know well, though you're quite a mouthful, I'm sure I can manage." He closed his eyes and took the head of Patch's cock into his mouth.

"Can you, now?" Patch growled softly, already aroused by the human's grasp and firm strokes. "Can you handle more?" Already he could feel his tail lengthening behind him and his body growing in strength. His wings manifested, but stayed furled. Could the human accept the half-form of a man-dragon?

Jon squeaked in surprise when Patch's tail wrapped around his waist, and the human's jaw descended slowly in admiration and awe. "Oh, my!" He took in Patch's muscular but scaly human body, wings, and the coils of tail around Jon's waist. "Oh, don't change further, or I shall surely come too soon. You are truly magnificent now."

The tip of Patch's tail parted the human's ass cheeks and teased at the opening all males enjoyed, whether they were dragon, phoenix, or human. "But what if I do this?" Beneath the heated water, the tip entered and caressed.

Only the strength of Patch's tail kept Jon's head above water when he bent and spread himself. "If this is what it means to be a sacrifice, then I'm the happiest man on earth!"


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