Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Romance Week Contest Question Two

Question 2: The Most Romantic Thing He/She did for me was...

Repeat of Instructions if needed:

To participate in this contest, you must answer me in some manner, and spamming me doesn't count. You can answer me in my blog (http://depravedduchess.bogspot.com/), the Contact Lena page of my website, or via the Comments in my Notes on Facebook.

You must have Romance Week Contest Question # 1,2, 3, 4 or 5 (depending on which question you're answering) in the subject line. This is how I'll sort the different questions. If there's no place to put it, type it into the top of your answer like this:

Romance Week Contest Question #1-- My top romantic places are:

1. Paris

2. The Catskills

3. The beach at night

This contest in its entirety will run all week, and I'll close it for all answers on February 14, 2011 at my bedtime, EST in America. I'm over 50, so don't procratinate.

I'll post a new question each day of this week, Monday through Saturday. I'll give you Sunday off to catch up, and Monday the 14th is for me to total and sort before I do the random drawings for each question.

All non-Changeling Press authors and all readers are eligible. In fact, to sweeten the pot, let's see how many of you are paying attention. I'll offer a discount code for the entire contest: Use the code Romance to buy any Changeling Press ebook from the Changeling Press website (http://www.changelingpress.com/) and you will get 5% off your total order. I won't even make you buy one of mine to get the discount.

What's the prize? Why, something that ties back to my latest release, of course! I have a beautiful and expensive pen shaped and painted like a red dragon. That's the Grand Prize. In addition, I'll draw a name from each set of answers and each will get their choice of a Changeling Press ebook. Then everyone who didn't win an ebook gets a chance at the dragon pen. Now, just in case the winner is in a foreign country or doesn't want the pen, I'll give them an ebook, too.

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