Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Day of Frustration

Today is one of those days where you have to force yourself into a professional attitude, no matter what your personal feelings. I have two big tasks today that must be completed, and there's no time for slacking or doing much more pleasant tasks.

The first and most pressing is that I must prepare the promotional materials for Changeling Press. Tomorrow is the TRSBlue Promotion (Yay!) and another is the choosing of which series books will be offered to ARE for their promotion. This must be completed by Friday. (Can you say PRESSURE? A little more warning would be nice...)

The next task also has a deadline, but is a personal deadline. I'd like to complete my edits on The God's Wife by the end of this week because the book releases in April. My editor isn't sparing my feelings on this massive rewrite of my first ever sale, and I expect nothing less. I wrote it as a complete amateur and it needed an overhaul for a lot of reasons besides just putting the sex back. AMP hasn't given me the new cover art yet, or I'd share.

Then I can begin a week's holiday to recharge before plunging back into my beloved series, The Coyotes of Yellowstone and the latest title, "Man vs. Wild." I really need to recharge, so I'm going down to St. Augustine with my cousin, mom, and maybe some of our daughters will tag along. If not, we'll rampage unchecked through Saks, Talbots, Le Crueset, and gosh knows what else before we collapse. Should be one hella good time.

The characters of Man vs. Wild are plaguing me half to death, and well they should. I had to put them on hold while I worked on the edits. Leaving the host of a survival reality show and his shifter lover en flagrante delicato for more than two weeks is cruel. This is a fun story to write, and I can't wait to return to Reno and Foxxe. (Yeah, I'm stealing a little from Bear Gryls. He's so sexy!)

I won't take much of a vacation, because the next two stories aren't leaving me a lone. "Bunnicula" and "Don't Need Another Hero" have very strong characters and plots pressing into my brain! ARRGH!! By the way, don't take those titles for gospel. I haven't had them approved yet. They're just working titles.

Well, that catches you up on what's going on in Lena's Weird Worlds. I hope.

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