Monday, September 21, 2009

My Muse is Crazy

Let me set the scene for you, here. I was driving home after a very long morning power-walking with my best buddy from 7-8 AM, then I made a mad dash to the doctor's office for my monthly weigh-in. I was proud of myself, because I'd lost another six pounds. So proud, even the rain pelting down on us didn't bother me in the slightest. My daughter was chattering happily away about our upcoming holiday plans and how we could implement the suggestions the nutritionist had recommended.
Then my ADHD Muse Cleo decided to have a brainstorm right in the middle of the Buckman Bridge during the worst of the downpour. Seriously. What other muse would decided to start quoting Shakespeare and decide that moment was the perfect time to reveal how the book will end, SIX chapters from now. 
I darn near wrecked the car. Cleo rambled on, totally oblivious to our upcoming watery deaths. (Yeah, I wrote it all down when we got home and I restarted my heart.)
My muse has a death wish.  


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But we're so proud of you and the stories are rocking and they're AWESOME! (is finishing critting chapter 10 and giggling happily)
who can make but not drink coffee


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