Monday, April 11, 2011

Mother's Day

I have a dilemma. It will soon be Mother's Day, and I'm clueless what to give my
mother other than a whole day of togetherness. I haven't been able to see her
much since my DH died, and part of my gift will be a day of "girl time."
However, I feel like I should give her at least a token gift.

She has too many cosmetics and perfumes because she works in a spa. She doesn't
like knickknacks because she's a minimalist when it comes to decor. Flowers and
plants won't do because she despises gardening with a passion. The only cliche
left is candy, and that's not a bad thought, but it is cliche.

I know, I could just give her a gift card and take her shopping, but it seems
like I didn't even try to find a good gift. While I personally love gift cards
so I can shop guilt-free, she's my Mom. I want to show her some love, even if my
budget is tighter than a virgin's ass. (sigh) Any ideas?

What would you like to get on Mother's Day?

Lena Austin


Shannon said...

Well, writer that you are, why don't you find a couple of good photographs that are good memories of past events and make her a small booklet of what you learned or treasure from the time?

Lena Austin said...

An excellent idea, Shannon. My cousin also had a good suggestion. The combination of the two are ideal. Thanks!

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