Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Cover for Man vs. Wild !

I love, love, love this cover! When I first discovered that all the photos I'd chosen by a certain photographer weren't available on anymore, I despaired of duplicating that sepia-toned look that had been for Coyote Non Grata and Wild Thing. Changeling cover artist Renee to the rescue!

 Okay, now for the promo bit. LOL!!

Release date: May 27.
Survival show star Foxxe Wylder thinks his season ending show in Yellowstone may be as stale as his career, and he's ready for a break prowling the urban jungles back home. He didn't plan to hit a coyote on the road, nor that the charming little canine would turn his world upside down.
Reno never wanted pack life, and the idea of getting a mate and raising a litter of pups isn't on his wish list. Neither was being hit by Foxxe's SUV. Then, Foxxe's producer gets an idea-- Foxxe will release the cutest coyote on TV back into the wild, now that the vet has taken care of him. However, one stubborn coyote has ideas of his own.

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