Thursday, February 11, 2010

28 Days of Heart Author-- Samantha Somersby


As an author and lover of romance, matters of the heart are important to me. I was thrilled to have my novella, Touch of Fire, accepted by All Romance for their 28 Days of Heart series. Valentine’s Day is filled with imagery of hearts and flowers, expectations of boxes of chocolate, or dinners out. I love the idea of doing something to promote awareness, especially in women, about the importance of taking care of our health and our hearts.
10 Randomly Weird Heart Facts

Your heart is about the same size as both of your fists put together.
The aorta is about the diameter of a garden hose.
Your body contains 5.6 liters of blood and it circulates through your body about 3 times per minute.
Your heart beats around 35 million time in one year.
Your heartbeat is triggered by electrical impulses that travel down a special pathway through your heart.
The first human-to-human heart transplant was performed in South Africa in December on 1967 by Christiaan Barnard.
Most heart attacks occur in the hours between 8 and 9 am. In terms of days of the week, most heart attacks occur on Mondays.
The human heart can easily build up enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet.
A January 2010 study published in the American Journal of Cardiology concluded that men who have sex twice a week are 45% less likely to have a life-threatening heart condition.
A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s heart.

In honor of the series release, I’m running a contest!

Enter the Your Heart’s Desire Contest

1. Post a list of the four titles from the series you’d most like to have someplace on the web. Facebook, myspace, twitter, your own blog, one belonging to a friend, this one…all fair game.

2. Using the contact page on my website samanthasommersby [dot] com, email me the URL where I can find your post and your email address

What’s the Fabulous Prize?

At the end of the month I will fulfill the wishes of seven winners for a total of 28 books. Winners will be contacted prior to fulfillment just in case their top four selections has changed.

Why seven winners, four books each? I really want to encourage everyone to support this endeavor. With 28 titles to choose from in so many sub-genres, AND for a super reasonable price ($1.99-$3.50), you’re sure to find some others that you can’t live without. Right?

Samantha Sommersby lives in San Diego with her husband and son. †In 2007 she left what she used to call her †“real life” day job as a psychotherapist to pursue writing full-time. She now happily spends her days immersed in the world of the Forbidden,†a world where vampires are real, where magic is possible, and where love still conquers all. Samantha is the author of over a dozen novels and novellas including The Temptation, book four in the critically acclaimed Forbidden series releasing March 5 and published by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

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