Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Greener Way to Mop than even Swiffer?

Okay, I'll admit that I've been a fan and buyer of Swiffer Wet Jet since it came out. I still have my originally purchased Swiffer even though a newer, cooler version has come out. However, it had one problem: I was constantly buying the replacement pads at a minimum of $7 a box (on sale.) Worse, all those pads went into the trash and into the landfill, and that's not very "green."
So, what's a girl to do who loves a clean floor, but hates the old "mop and bucket" routine? I found my answer at Look at the link below.
The initial outlay is about the same as what I paid for my Swiffer, but the microfiber pad is washable! Now that's cool. I could buy the mop and a set of pads, and they'll pay for themselves in about two and a half months.
Between this and the MagicJack, I may have found the best money savers of the year. 


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